30 Day Idol Challenge 13 ~AKB48 Member~

14 02 2012

Day thirteen of the 30 Day Idol Challenge/Idol Month is your favorite AKB48 member!

For a long while, my favorite member was Maeda Atsuko simply because I saw her face the most, she was prettier than the other girls, and it was easy to remember her name.  Mainly because I knew her name.  Slowly over the past year, however, I’ve begun to learn the names of a couple other girls.  I won’t lie, I still only know a select few of the regular top senbatsu girls, but with names comes personalities and new idols to favorite.

After Maeda Atsuko, I liked Itano Tomomi for a while after Dear J, but then I realized how absolutely obnoxiously awful her voice is. She just got lucky with some really catchy solo singles.  And then I was favoriteless for a while.  But “Flying Get” finally made me realize my favorite member, who had been there for a while without me knowing it.

My favorite AKB48 member is…

Team A’s Captain, Takahashi Minami!!

I’ve always loved no3b, but like all of the other AKB members, I didn’t know their names for the longest time.  It’s when I took the effort and connected personalities to faces to names that no3b became my favorite members as well.  They were all pretty equal to me for a while, though.  I loved all of no3b and there was no reason to pick one single favorite.

But when the PV for “Flying Get” was released, I finally realized, “Oh, duh.  Takamina’s been my favorite for quite some time now.”

She certainly isn’t the best at anything she does–her voice is an average idol voice, good in a group, not that great solo.  Her dancing is on par with everyone else.  But I love her personality.  I actually thought she was some cold yankee when I first got into AKB48 and no3b, but she’s not at all.  She’s a great Captain and she has so much personality.

I loved Takamina the most in the Mendol no3b drama (out of the three members).  Her acting is rather charming and I felt that my attetion could never be focused elsewhere.  She dominates the stage or screen every time she’s on it.  Takamina’s very powerful and charismatic.

Oh, yeah, and she’s just stunningly gorgeous.  Even as a man.  The end.



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15 02 2012
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