30 Day Idol Challenge 15 ~Momoiro Clover-Z Member~

15 02 2012

The fifteenth day (halfway through!!) day of the 30 Day Idol Challenge is your favorite Momoiro Clover[-Z] member.  Ah, MomoClo.  ❤  I had no idea that the wotasphere had any idea about them until just recently.  I’ve liked this group for a while.  Sometimes I really hate their releases, but most of the time I really love them.  MomoClo has such a fun and quirky style to everything they do.

I don’t really have an absolute favorite or least favorite member of this group yet.  I’ve been listening to them for quite some time, but I have yet to get to know them like I know the Hello! Project or a select few AKB48 members.  However, I do know who I prefer to listen to and see in MomoClo, and that is…

Ariyasu Momoka!

MomoClo has a lot of… not ugly, but awkward-looking girls.  Many wota like them for that, and I certainly don’t think it’s a bad thing.  But I do think Momoka stands out significantly from her groupmates.  She might be a little round-faced, but it’s adorable and beautiful.

I also like her voice the best in MomoClo.

No, not my favorite song off of Battle and Romance by far, but it’s hard not to like that song and Momoka’s voice.  She gets better and better with age.  I think she’ll probably always be my favorite MomoClo member, but then again, that might change when I get to know them.  Someday.




3 responses

16 02 2012

We’re officially best friends now! I adore Ariyasu~! There’s something about her attitude and her voice shines out the most. As for the round face, that was the first thing that drew me to her ^~^

16 02 2012

I agree! I think her round face is very endearing, I just know wota tend to by really picky about facial structure, such as Miyabi’s chin which I also think is beautiful. 😀

6 01 2017

the first picture is not even her!

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