30 Day Idol Challenge 16 ~Other Idol Group Member~

16 02 2012

Day sixteen of the 30 Day Idol Challenge is your favorite member of an idol group that isn’t one of the groups covered in the past four days.  And a bit more of a mouthful than any other day.

I only have one other Japanese idol group that I regularly listen to other than the past four (Funny enough, I almost put “female” in there, but then I remember, I don’t like Japanese male idol groups much anymore because Kpop does the same style, only so much better!!).  And that group, my friends, is 9nine.

Don’t know who they are?  You obviously need to.  9nine is one of the best idol groups.  If I was ranking them, it would go kind of like: AKB48, 9nine, Berryz Koubou, Momoiro Clover-Z, etc. in that order.  Or something.  9nine is absolutely fantastic.  The girls are all talented and they have really catchy music.  In fact, that’s why I got into them.  Their music is so good for idol music!

Of the dwindling number of idols in 9nine, my favorite is…

 Yoshii Kanae.

Usually my favorite are the prettiest and best-sounding idols.  But 9nine is a whole different story.  There is not a single unattractive member and they all are above-par for idols, with a couple being especially exceptional.  One of such is Yoshii Kanae.

I think Kanae is both extremely blessed with looks and a great vocalist.  She’s also, in my opinion, the best dancer of the group.  I mean, really, because they were formed to do performances, 9nine sets the bar high and I think she sets it the highest.  While other groups rely on lipsyncing and large numbers to hide the bruises and focus just on looks, 9nine focuses mostly in high quality performance.  And just happened to be all gorgeous.  9nine could be super huge if they were marketed better.

Kanae isn’t really center for 9nine much in performances, but she’s definitely the member that I’m always focusing on.  She usually does center in photographs because she’s the most gorgeous member of the group.

I’m serious, you all need to convert to 9nine fans.



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17 02 2012
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