30 Day Idol Challenge 17 ~First Idol~

17 02 2012

The seventeenth day of Idol Month is who was the first idol you noticed?

Ah, finally, a really, really easy question.  I didn’t even have to think about this one.  If I hadn’t stumbled upon her group almost six years ago, I probably would have never fallen for J-Idol groups.  For many months, the only member I cared about was her until I gradually enjoyed the group as a whole, then other groups in the family, then more and more to where we are today.

Yup, the idol that started it all was…

Hagiwara Mai of °C-ute.  

Except when I got into the group, it was well before they debuted, just around when they released “Soku Dakishimete”, and Maimai looked a little more like this…

In fact, I remember the very video that got me into her.  And eventually the rest of °C-ute as well.

I’m not sure what made me instantly attach to Maimai.  It may have been that she stood out with the sunglasses or that she was super cute or what.  For a long time, I would only listen to °C-ute, and Maimai remained my favorite.  I gradually liked Berryz Koubou, but it took me even longer to warm up to Morning Musume.

I couldn’t tell you when she started falling from my favorites.  I know that Airi competed with her for my favorite °C-ute member shortly after I started listening and well into their debut.  In fact, I think it was really recently.  When I started noticing how awesome Chisato is is when I stopped caring so much about Maimai.  And honestly, I feel that she’s just gotten worse as time goes on.  She and Nakky.  And Maimi.  Really, the only improving members are Airi and Chisato these days.  But that’s another rant for another day.




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