Still Not a Fan of U-KISS?

17 02 2012

Let me change your opinion on that.

Need a few more reasons?  Trust me, it won’t be long.  I’ll convert you yet by the end of this post.  

1) Lineup Changes that are SMART

I have been consistently blown away by this group since their lineup change.  They got rid of the superfluous members that had no talent and only were in the group to give them the initial push of popularity.  Kibum is the younger, less-attractive brother of SS501’s HyungJoon.  He couldn’t sing worth shit and was only a semi-decent rapper.  They also ditched that fugly Alexander.  He’s going solo now, so I guess some people find him worth something, but I always looked away.  Instead, we got:

AJ (top) and Hoon (bottom… ohohohohoho).

Now, I know you’re thinking that they’re not the sexiest Kpop idols you’ve ever seen; however, AJ has been added to the large number of rappers in U-KISS (3, which is a lot for an idol group) and has proven that he can keep up with Eli and Dongho.  And Hoon’s vocals are on par with Kevin’s.  Which is saying a lot.  They’ve both really stood out in the Japanese releases, especially Hoon on lead vocals in the “Forbidden Love” PV above.

2) The Rappers and their AWESOME Japanese

Usually when Kpop groups cross to the Japanese market, the first single or two can be a little rocky on pronunciation (ohei thar BIG BANG and KARA).  And even if the main group’s pronunciation is passable, the rapping is still often pretty rough, usually either slowed down or in English (because all Japanese people can understand that much English, BIG BANG).  But not U-KISS.  They’ve only released two Japanese singles, but did you hear how fast Eli (middle) and AJ (right) were rapping in “Forbidden Love”??  You rarely even hear Jpop groups do that fast of raps.  In fact, only mihimaru GT comes to mind.  Dongho (left) is just as awesome, as you can see in their video for “Tick Tack”:

3) Their Dances

Kpop has some really exceptional dancing and dancers.  I don’t think it’s that Jpop lacks the ability, rather, Jpop doesn’t get the stellar choreography that Kpop does.  And Kpop dances are even hard most of the time, they’re just catchy…er.  Some groups are far superior to others not because of better choreography, but because the individual idols are all very talented and the detail and timing are perfect as a whole.  SHINee is one such, and for girls, definitely 2NE1 and After School.  But I’d say the best I’ve seen is U-KISS.

Even when the good-for-nothings were in the group, their dances stood out for their intricacy and precision.

They are exceptional at sharp, fast movements.  And they have some of the best vocal control I’ve seen.  I know from experience that their dances are literally breath-taking, but they perform high notes and adlibs flawlessly live.

4) Damn Catchy Music

If you haven’t noticed by now, U-KISS just constantly releases really effing catchy music.  From their very first hit, “Manman Hani,” their music alone put them on the level of well-established groups even though they were just rookies.

In fact, even though I wasn’t a fan at the time of that single, I loved watching them because they already had made news with the iconic “hurricane dance” in that video.  It was SO catchy compared to other boy band music at the time.  Nothing they release ever bores me.  Their “ballads” are catchy, for damn’s sake.

[Oh gosh, Dongho is so adorable in that video.]  Even if it’s too slow for you (it’s effing catchy, you crazy), the story in that MV keeps you watching trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

5) They Speak English, too!!

As if they couldn’t get any better, three members are fluent in English: Kevin, Eli, and AJ (Did you notice how two of those are the Japanese speed rappers?  Eli and Kevin speak Mandarin as well.).  For us international fans, it makes everything that much better.  With the vast amounts of Engrish and Konglish these days, it’s refreshing to hear words pronounced correctly.  Even if it doesn’t make perfect sense grammatically because idols rarely write their own music, it at least sounds right.  And we get English interviews, much like this:

that make you fall in love with Kevin U-KISS that much more.

Oh, speaking of which, you know I saved the best for last.

6) Kevin.

‘Nuff said.  No, really.  Just like all the other members, Kevin is amazing at dancing, but what sets him apart is his particular talent for pop and lock dancing.  It really makes him stand out in the group.  He’s also the second-best vocalist in the group right after Soohyun.  And he’s from a few cities over from where I’m from.  And he’s so gorgeous.  It’s been a long while since I’ve fangirled a single idol as much as Kevin.

He has such a charming, sweet, and charismatic personality off stage but turns the FIERCE on as soon as he’s on stage.  I have to watch U-KISS videos several times before I can finally take my attention off of Kevin.  He definitely stands out because of his more feminine features, but he’s got enough manly to make you drool.  I’d say he’s the ace of U-KISS.

If you have any reason to not love U-KISS at this point, let me know.  Because I’m pretty sure you don’t.



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