30 Day Idol Challenge 19&20 ~1 Day/Admiration~

21 02 2012

Oh dang, I missed a day.  Actually, I just didn’t feel like writing yesterday after work.  So today I bring you days 19 and 20 of the 30 Day Idol Challenge.  The first one is an idol you would like to be for one day and the second is an idol you admire.

I admire the first one, but I don’t think I’d want to be the second one for a day.  I tried to think of an idol that fits both, but unfortunately, I can’t.  So, the first one, an idol I’d like to walk  a mile in the shoes of is…

Maeda Atsuko  of AKB48.

There’s only one reason that I really would want to be her for a day: I’m curious what it’s like on the absolute top. She’s the top Asian idol.  There is no one greater in idoldom than Maeda Atsuko, as far as fame and popularity go.  She’s probably one of the busiest idols there is as well.  Oh, and she plays guitar.  She’s beautiful and charismatic.  She’s everything every idol strives to be.

Yeah, it’d be interesting to see what her day looks like (read: crazy).

Today’s challenge is an idol I admire.  And I admire her an awful, awful lot.  It’s…

Matsuura Aya.

Ayaya is amazing.  She’s got the best voice that has ever graced Hello! Project and has been in the business for so long (is it really only 10??).  She’s still working, maybe not as much as before.  She’s done every style of music there is.  She’s absolutely gorgeous.  She’s never had a scandal to dirty her record.  She’s been through so much shit with UFA (subgroups, her partner Mikitty, Elder Club, M-Line, etc., etc.)  that it’s amazing she still smiles and keeps working.

Did I mention she’s stunningly gorgeous?  Yeah, I love Ayaya.  She’s one of the most admirable idols there is.



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22 02 2012
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