Quickie: miss A “Touch” MV

22 02 2012

miss A’s long-anticipated comeback music video for “Touch” is finally out!  I’m having a hard time forming an opinion on this.  

On the one hand, this video is very miss A.  It’s got the same choppy dance sequences in an oddly shaped and lit room that we saw in “Breathe.”  I really enjoyed the dark vibe as the complete opposite of the aforementioned video.  The lyric arrangement is exactly what I’d expect; it completely mimics “Goodbye Baby.”  It seems to be about boys being awful and instead of being violent, miss A is depressed about it this time.  Nothing radical.   The song is pretty catchy.  I like that it’s slow but not boring.  The main background melody is catchy as hell, too.

But on the other hand… the music video is kind of awkward.  Especially the teaser/intro.  That was awful.  The song seems to lack any interesting dynamic.  I know they threw in some adlibs, but I was really getting geared up for an awesome rap that would have gone so awesome as the ending to this song, yet it never came.

While the girls look stunning in the black outfits, I don’t think the stylists could have made such beautiful girls look so awful in the white outfits.  The eyeliner is really unflattering on every single girl.  I realize some people consider this “high-fashion”, but it just doesn’t work.  Sorry.

The dance is really awesome and appropriate for the most part.  But what the hell is that “bang bang!” move?  It seems really out of place and awkward.  Other than that, I think the dance sequences were stunning and again, very miss A.

Overall, I think I like the song.  I kind of like the music video.  I’m not really sure, though.  Yet.  I feel like this is a watch and hear several times before deciding song.




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