30 Day Idol Challenge 21-23 ~Charisma, Outfits, and Exes! Oh My!~

23 02 2012

I’ve seriously been slacking.  Sorry guys… instead of making an individual post for each, here’s three in one!  Two for the days I’ve missed and today!

I’ve answered the first one several times already.  Day 21 was an idol who has charisma.  Many of the idols I’ve mentioned already I’ve stated I like because they have outstanding charisma.  Although, there’s one idol who is incredibly charismatic that I haven’t given quite enough credit to…

Michishige Sayumi of Morning Musume!

I used to really hate Sayumin, and I’m sure if you’ve followed my blog before that you know that.  I don’t love her 0r anything now.  Her voice still makes me cringe when it’s not autotuned out the ass.  But she’s really developed as an idol over the past year or so.  She’s really broken out of the “Morning Musume” shell and has made quite a name for herself.  She’s definitely got the most charisma and personality in the group right now.  While a year ago, Takahashi Ai was the “face of Morning Musume”, now it’s Michishige Sayumi.

Also, why the hell are they even debating whether or not to make her leader??  It’s always been the oldest member (except for Junjun, but she’s been the only member to join older than the current leader, so she didn’t really count).  I’m not sure why she isn’t already.  Sayumin is clearly the best choice right now.  I thought it would be the obvious.  If Reina becomes leader over Sayumin… *cringe*

Day 22 was your favorite outfit an idol has worn.  I used to care a lot about outfits, but that was when I watched every concert H!P ever released on DVD.  I haven’t had as much time, and thus, I haven’t cared about outfits as much.  As far as non-H!P idols go, I’ve never been extremely fond of AKB’s constant school uniforms or MomoClo’s weird outfits.  9nine doesn’t really wear anything interesting, and really, neither do Kpop idol groups.  Unless they’re hideous.  There aren’t any individual outfits that stand out in my mind as awesome and memorable.

However, I did really like one group’s outfits for the cover of an album…

Berryz Koubou for their album 7 Berryz Times.  

These are the only ones that I remember thinking “Wow, stunning!”  The members all look stunning in these outfits.  I mean, you really never can go wrong with the little black dress.  They all (for once including Momoko) look mature and gorgeous.  Berryz probably gets the weirdest and most unflattering outfits in all of H!P (“Monkey Dance” or “Dschengis Khan” anyone?), so I’m glad that they get to look good every once in a while.

Besides which, that album was awesome.

Finally, today’s prompt is your favorite ex-idol.  Most of my favorite graduated idols are still in the industry, so this one’s tough.  I don’t think Gocchin is officially retired yet, otherwise this would be her (it’s very soon, though, right?).  I think the other choice, then, is a very recent graduate…

Maeda Yuuka, former member of S/mileage.

Way back when I paid attention to the Eggs and their concerts and stuff, Maeda Yuuka was my favorite. So were Ogawa Saki and Fukuda Kanon, so when S/mileage was formed, I had no more reason to care about the Eggs.  Anyway.  After the group debuted, I started to really love Yuuka.  She’s adorable and talented.  She would have been the next Sayumi, I guarantee it.

I understand her choice to leave, but it’s made it really hard to like S/mileage without her.  She practically was S/mileage with her huge fanbase.  I hope when she’s finished with school, she’ll consider returning to the industry.



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24 02 2012
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