30 Day Idol Challenge 24&25 ~Admitting/Non-Japanese~

26 02 2012

I promise I’m not entirely being lazy this time.  I combined these days because you already knew the answer to today’s!  So, yesterday’s 30 Day Idol Challenge was an idol who’s not your favourite but you have to admit is good.

This idol didn’t “WOW” me right away like she seemed to everyone else.  I thought she was cute and talented, but she’s never become one of my favorites.  Now she’s gone solo and I am really loving her solo releases lately.  It’s…

Kikkawa You!

You may remember that I really enjoyed her last single.  Soon after that I stumbled upon her album, and wow, it’s amazing.  I very rarely like every single song on an album, but I enjoyed every single track, and truly love a few of them. It’s very well-produced, offers a large variety, and is very appropriate for an up-and-coming artist.  She’ll never be a favorite of mine, but her solo music has been really exceptional lately.  I swear, if she breaks away from H!P, she has the potential to make it big.

Today’s idol challenge is your favourite non-Japanese idol.  Now, I think I’ve made it pretty clear before that most of my favorites are not Japanese idols.  And… I think I’ve made it known who my top idol is right now.  But just in case you haven’t caught on, it’s…

Kevin from U-Kiss!  *drool*

Why I adore him so much is explained pretty well in the two posts linked above.  So enjoy a little more eye candy.




3 responses

26 02 2012

Kikkawa isn’t a part of H!P. She’s a soloist under UFA.

26 02 2012

She’s actually only managed by UFA, she’s signed to Universal Music Japan. I am aware she’s not in the official H!P lineup. However, last year she was touring with Hello! Project. Hence.

27 02 2012
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