30 Day Idol Challenge 26 ~Character~

26 02 2012

The 25th day of the 30 Day Idol Challenge is an idol whose character you admire.  I’m not sure what this means.  If it means character as in personality, then I’m not sure how today’s choice would be any different than day 21’s charisma choice.  So to figure out how these are different, I consulted a dictionary!  (I am fluent in English, thank you.)

The definition the dictionary gave me is “reputation” (ie “A stain on one’s character”).  So, today is an idol whose reputation/character I admire.  This is an idol who has been in the industry for ages and has never had a scandal on her hands.  It’s…

Nakazawa Yuko.

She’s been an idol longer than anyone I can think of.  And I can’t think of a single scandal that has tainted her career.  Sure, she’s been in relationships and is getting married, but it’s never been a scandal.  It might have something to do with her age.  Or that she’s never done anything reckless like smoke a bowl in public.

As far as being responsible and reputable, I feel Nakazawa Yuko is number one.



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