30 Day Idol Challenge 27 ~Appreciation~

27 02 2012

I can’t believe I’m still doing this, I usually give up on 30 Day ____ Challenges within the first week!  The 27th day of the 30 Day Idol Challenge is an idol you have a particular appreciation for.

Today’s idol was one of my favorites for many years.  She’s beautiful and amazingly talented.  The only reason she fell from my best graces is actually no fault of her own, unfortunately.  I just got sick of her face being the only one I saw in everything she participating in.  I know she’s popular and probably more talented than the others, but I hate the “____ (and some other idols too)” groups.

Anyway, I recently realized how very overworked she is for a girl her age and that it’s amazing how she still smiles and has so much fun being an idol.  Who is it?  It’s…

Suzuki Airi of °C-ute!

I think more than any other idol, I feel that I’ve watched Airiin grow up in the spotlight.  We all know I’m a Minimoni fanatic, and Airiin first made her debut in the Minimoni movie.  (If you haven’t seen it, it’s the best movie ever made in the history of movies, so it’d be well worth your time.)

She was the tender age of 8 in the movie, and was only 9 when she caught my attention in Aa!, one of the best H!P one-shots ever.  She had a superior voice even at that age and was very hard-working and dedicated.

9 years later, nothing’s changed, really, except that now she’s just as beautiful as her voice is.  And instead she’s in two fully active idol groups that both tour regularly.  We’ve watched her grow up in various idol groups and mature into the star she is today.  Only now she’s in two fully active groups, does more solo work than any of her fellow °C-ute members, and is in high school nearing the time for college exams.  I can’t even imagine the stress this girl is under, but she never stops smiling.

While she may not be my favorite any more, I’ll never get sick of Airiin.



2 responses

29 02 2012

Yay, a Minimoni fanatic!! =D
I think Airin is one of the most competent idols in the business- great post!

1 03 2012

I agree! Thank you 🙂

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