30 Day Idol Challenge 28 ~Special Someone~

29 02 2012

Day 28 of the 30 Day Idol Challenge is an idol who reminds you of someone special or was special.  Yeah, there’s really no one.  I don’t think of the real people in my life when I’m watching my idols, so I just don’t draw that connection.  I guess, if I absolutely had to pick, it’d be…

BOM of 2NE1.

She’s an itsy bitsy powerhouse vocal, just like my best friend.  But my friend’s a bit more “BAM” power than BOM is, so even then they’re not that similar.  They act nothing alike, either, and the only way they look similar is the red hair.  …But my best friend’s is way short.

So… yeah.  It kind of counts?  A little?  No?  Guys?




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1 03 2012
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