Okay, okay. I love it.

21 03 2012

The PV for Morning Musume’s latest single and leader Niigaki Risa’s last, “Renai Hunter” is out.  While the video isn’t spectacular, the song… for the first time in years…

I absolutely love it. 

The last single of theirs that I loved this much was Pepper Keibu four years ago.  You all know I’ve been staying away from the Morning Musume fandom for quite some time, mainly because I had little to nothing good to say, especially since my favorite three left the group.

When the radio previews for this came out, I refused to listen because the music video is what shapes my opinion of a song.  The radio previews for “Puke-o Puke-o Ultra” gave me really high expectations until I was dropped face-first on the floor.  So, I decided to wait for the PV for this song; you know, give Risa a real chance to show us her goodbye.

The song itself is awesome.  I love the dubstep/electronic feel there is to it.  It’s something you’d expect to hear in 2012 that gives them a competitive edge against their rivals, which are largely Kpop girl groups such as SNSD and After School riding the Hallyu wave that have the same concept as Morning Musume, only pull it off better.  Giving them a modern song gives them an appeal to more than just wotas.  I mean, Tsunku, you don’t need to cater to wotas.  They will buy it anyway.  You need to market to the people who are buying Kpop and other Jpop idols (not AKB, there’s no chance there).  This is the song to do just that.

With the exception of a select few, Morning Musume members rarely get any significant graduation single.  I recall Koharu getting absolutely nothing special when she was one of the most popular members.  So for Risa to finally get a proper lead and get more screen time than the others is absolutely delightful.  Did I wish they had been doing that 5 years ago?  Yeah, but better right before she leaves than never.

No part of the song bores me.  The verses aren’t too long and I really like the split chorus.  While I can always do without Reina, I love that Risa gets the lead most of the time.  I don’t like Riho’s or Sayumi’s voice, so one solo line each is good enough for me.  I don’t have to hear the annoying squeaky new girls, either.  In fact, I hardly even noticed they were there.

I also really liked the outfits for this video; they’re definitely my favorite promotional outfits I’ve seen from this group in years.  The set it cheap and it would have been nice if it was a different colour than the outfits, but it’s not the worst they’ve had.  I really love that everyone has a more natural look–straight hair for Risa, Reina and Sayumi is always gorgeous.  Too much gaud in the hair and makeup would have been overwhelming with the bright costumes, anyway.

Now, I don’t want to hate too much because I’ve forgotten how to like Morning Musume, but I do have a few complaints.  First of all, the choreography could have been a bit better.

Gosh that was hilarious.  Okay, no, the choreography sucked.  It is absolutely terrible.  The robot, seriously?  And a broken robot whose head and hands are the only things that move?  I mean, this move can look awesome if the whole body shakes simultaneously, but obviously that’s too difficult for these girls.  Which is fine, but it should have been replaced with something that they could do.  And what the hell is the “Renai hunter” move?  Is that a crab?  A frog?  A claw machine?  I mean seriously, what the fuck.  It looks horrible and lazy.

Also, the little 8 year olds trying to look sexy is absolutely disturbing.  I will say that Kanon did a better job than her peers, but overall it greatly disturbed me.  Especially the fugly one.  Hang on, needa look up her name, don’t care to learn.  Haruka?  Masaki?  I’m not really sure, nor do I care, but it looked wrong.  All kinds of wrong.

Other than that and the usual Reina hating, I really love this song.  I’m really, really happy that I can love something Morning Musume’s done.  Honest.  I sincerely hope that they continue down this road, because trending music is selling music!

As a final note, congratulations to Risa on her last single.  She’s the only member I give a fuck about, so I’m really depressed to see her go.  The few last seconds of the video where she has “Morning Musume” written on her cheek and mouths “Morning Musume Daisuki” made me tear up.  WE LOVE YOU TOO, RISA.  WE WILL MISS YOU.



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