See? It Works

15 04 2012

If you guys haven’t been watching the Oricon Charts, today Morning Musume’s 49th single, Renai Hunter, outsold top artists Perfume and Sexyzone.  Although Morning Musume has been in third until today, the top three has been these artists and it’s quite a feat that Morning Musume was able to outsell them.  The single has already sold 33,000 copies in just three days (more than Pyoko has sold at all) with two more left until the chart week ends.  While Morning Musume may not be able to come out on top with the rough competition, top 3 is still very impressive.

All this is to say: See?  Good music SELLS.  This PROVES it.  No ducks, no crappy over-used melodies.  Something unique and modern and catchy with good outfits and flattering styles.

Dear Tsunku, please keep it up this time. PLEASE.



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15 04 2012
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