28 04 2012

A couple days ago, my lover Kevin Kpop boy group U-Kiss released the music video for the title track of their new minialbum, “DORADORA.”  Upon watching it a few times though, I have decided that I need to add another reason to my list of reasons why to love U-Kiss: they have yet to disappoint me.

I can already see the criticisms of this song: it’s the “safe route” for U-Kiss that they seem to default to for almost all of their music videos.  In fact, this is almost exactly like the music videos for “Forbidden Love”, “Tick Tack”, and “Shut Up.”  It’s very simple: solo shots on a bizarre set (in a house, no less) with a couple different dance shots.  Check!  Tiny bits of rap thrown in with Kiseop singing backup to the Soohyun, Kevin, and (in the last few) Hoon show!  Check!  Shake well and enjoy your very typical U-Kiss music video.  Voila!

But I still love it, nonetheless.

The song is very catchy.  It’s a bit different of a style than usual.  Yes, I know, heavy dance beats=U-Kiss.  But they haven’t had a title song with guitar rifts in it yet, and that made for a somewhat unique sound.  Also, there were no “OMIGAW RAPPA IN YO FACE SON” raps.  In fact, they were hardly raps, rather, more like monotone singing parts.  They were very low-key.  Actually, the whole song was very timid compared to some of their other hits, such as “Shut Up!” and “Neverland.”  It’s nice to change the style every once in a while.

I thought the gravity-defying room was an awesome idea.  I’m not sure why it was significant or why only Hoon can defy gravity in it, but it sure looked nice!  I was, however, slightly disturbed that Kevin and Soohyun shared the bed when no members shared any other piece of furniture.  …or was I?  FUJOSHI UNITE!  I also really liked the simple outfits and the paint splattered all over the white room.  Usually we don’t get this much simple from U-Kiss, and I have to admit, it works well.  I mean, I’d like their next single to be a bit more up-beat and in-your-face, but for one time, it’s not all that bad.

As for the members… 

Eli should never, ever, ever have blonde hair again ever.  It is horrible.  It really washes him out, makes him look pale and sickly.  Eli is really strong and intimidating in music videos, and he tries the same image in this one, but unfortunately, he looks so albino that he can’t possibly pass of as anything but sickly.

Kiseop, however.  Oh, Kiseop.  I have never once paid him attention because he has never once looked attractive to me.  I’m not sure if he flirted with the coordinator noona and got a better outfit or if those red highlights are just that good, but he really stood out to me in this video.  I noticed his dancing was even memorable because of the hair.

None of the other members really changed significantly, at least as far as I noticed.  Dongho was adorable as always.  Soohyun was sexy.  And I’ll admit, Hoon seems to be finding his place.

But I can’t help but feel that Hoon is stealing Kevin’s time.  Okay, scratch that, I know he is.  Which, as Kevin’s future wife, is concerning to me.  Since Hoon joined U-Kiss, Kevin has had less and less lines.  Specifically, he hasn’t had any vocally-challenging lines since Hoon’s joining like he did in pre-“Tick Tack” songs.  I mean, he still gets more lines than the rappers or Kiseop, but I miss when it was Kevin and Soohyun as vocal leads, not Soohyun and Hoon.

But, you know, that’s just because I’m his future wife and all.  I like seeing and hearing his beauty.  Okay, okay, that was cheesy.

I still love this song!  And U-Kiss!  Check it out if you haven’t all ready!




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