Linlin and Cosplay? Yes, Please.

27 05 2012

All is Peachy with IU

6 05 2012

Korea’s little sister, IU, has just released a single for her upcoming album, titled “Peach.”  The full music video is not out yet (preview above), but the full audio has been released as a single!

I’ve had an off-and-on relationship with IU.  I definitely see why she’s captivated South Korea so fully.  She came onto my radar with “Marshmallow” because she performed it with BEAST’s Yoseob.  I was thoroughly unimpressed.  In fact, I hated the song.  It was obnoxious and I didn’t think she had much talent.  That was in 2009, and because she had not made an impression, I tuned her out of the next two years.  I got back into her music with Last Fantasy, which I thought was a lovely album.  Her vocals had gotten worlds better.  The lead track, “You + I” was charming, but it grew dull quickly.  As did the rest of her album.  I listened back a few singles and liked them all right, but nothing WOW’d me.

But after listening to “Peach”, IU has my full attention.

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There She Goes, There She Goes Again

4 05 2012

The last remaining 8th generation member of Morning Musume, Mitsui Aika, announced her graduation today.  It will be in two short weeks so she can graduate with leader Niigaki Risa on the last day of the groups’ Spring concert.  She may or may not continue activities with Hello! Project.   Read the rest of this entry »

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