There She Goes, There She Goes Again

4 05 2012

The last remaining 8th generation member of Morning Musume, Mitsui Aika, announced her graduation today.  It will be in two short weeks so she can graduate with leader Niigaki Risa on the last day of the groups’ Spring concert.  She may or may not continue activities with Hello! Project.  

You all know I’ve always liked Aika.  While everyone else disliked her from the audition process and wished for Kikkawa Yuu instead of her, I’ve always supported her and have written several posts supporting Mittsi.  With her and Mame’s departure, I have no longer have any attachment to the Morning Musume members.  All the ones I liked have been dwindling out for a year or two now.  I don’t hate the new members, but none of them struck me right away like Aika did.  I hate Reina and Sayumi’s just… there.  So now I’m not so sure I’ll be able to enjoy the group quite as much.  These new girls aren’t leaving any impressions.

I think we all saw Mittsi’s graduation coming.  She hasn’t been able to fully perform for over a year and wasn’t in the dance portions for the past couple of singles.  I just didn’t think it would be until later in the year and I thought they would at least appreciate the fans enough to give more than an effing two week notice.  I mean, shit.  Without a scandal involved, there’s never been such a quick graduation announcement.  What depressing news to stumble upon.

I’m really going to miss Mittsi, and I wish she had some more balls and would stick with Morning Musume like Kamei Eri until she physically couldn’t anymore, but alas.  Good bye, Mitsui Aika.  You will be missed.  Well, at least I’ll miss you.



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5 05 2012

I think she had A LOT of balls, if you consider she fought for staying in Morning Musume all last year and tried to be involved as much as possible. She could have choosen to graduate from the very beggining instead, but you could see that she wanted to stay so bad she was doing everything she could think of to state she wasn’t leaving. And Eri’s condition has nothing to do with Aika’s. Eri has a skin condition which, as bad as it could get, actually allows her to move and dance freely, something Aika cannot do… so she actually physically cannot stay in the group at this point.

I’m not trying to be rude, but I just think if anything this girl proved to have a lot of balls and doesn’t deserve to have people think she just gave up. Because she did fight, at least in my opinion.

5 05 2012
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6 05 2012

At least Aika gets 2 weeks, Ogawa Saki only got 3/4 days between her graduation anouncement and her leaving.

Yuuka and Saki didn’t even get to graduate at a concert while Aika, even though the concert if more geared towards Risa, gets to graduate in a concert.

6 05 2012

I have to agree on that. Both of those graduations really upset me because of the lack of concerts.

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