Morning Musume’s “One, Two, Three”

25 06 2012

The mile marker is here!  Although I’m a little late to the chase, ladies and gents, here’s Morning Musume’s 50th single’s a-side PV, “One, Two, Three”!

I’m having a little trouble posting without my laptop, so hopefully this one works (the last one didn’t).  I’ve seen a lot of mixed feelings about this PV in the wotasphere. I can understand why, but honestly?  Again, I love this single.  Two in a row.  I haven’t liked a consecutive set of singles from Morning Musume this much since… well, since at least 2007. 

There’s plenty I could do without in this PV.  First and foremost, Reina.  You’ve all heard why I dislike her, so I won’t beat the dead horse.  I had a feeling she would take the main spotlight once Risa left.  Unfortunately, Hello! Project made a clone of her, Sayashi Riho, and is molding her to take Reina’s place.  It’s apparent that Reina won’t be with the group much longer, which is AWESOME.  But honestly, it really disappoints me that they’re making a second Reina.  Why put all the focus on Riho?  At this point I am seeing so much more talent in the other new girls since they’ve adjusted to a big-name idol group.  Like Ishida Ayumi, who landed a center position for this single.  She’s like Kamei Erina–the best dancer right now and I have no doubt she’ll be a fantastic lead vocalist if given the chance.  Iikubo Haruna’s modeling experience is giving her a stark advantage against the other members.  She’s demanding attention and although I haven’t heard her sing much since joining, but if she’s improved much since her audition, then she’s also going to be a great lead singer.  Other than them, I can see Fukumura Mizuki and Kudo Haruka being visual centers of the group and potentially good singers as well.

But really, I don’t see the appeal in Riho, much like I never have for Reina.  Every time I see Riho, she looks bored and disinterested, like she’s too good or better than the others.  I think at first she had a vocal advantage, but now that the other girls are maturing as singers, really, Riho’s hardly the best.  I’d rather hear Sayumi sing than her.  No, seriously.  And it’s even more disappointing knowing that the next ten years are going to be full of Riho singing lead on every single song.

As for the song, I absolutely love electronic music.  That’s the main reason why I was so hooked on “Renai Hunter.”  While a lot of people are hating the style, it’s fresh, catchy, not highly vocally demanding, and a really popular music style right now.  I’m thrilled that Morning Musume has been playing with this genre.  I really liked the PV as well.  I thought the glitter and sparkles added to the girly feel of the video and didn’t take away or distract from the members.  Although the set was, not shockingly, a bit cheap, the girls shined so much that I hardly noticed.  The outfits are absolutely phenomenal and save for a few members like Suzuki Kanon, looked stunning (by the way, what the hell did she do to piss off the hair stylist so much?  Damn.).  The makeup was very well done and the close-ups were captivating.

My biggest issue is the choreography.  “Renai Hunter” and “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” were absolutely hilarious to the point where I’m wondering if the choreography was that bad on purpose, but this is just sad.  All of their competition has superb choreography, and it is well past time that Morning Musume steps it up.  They’re finally utilizing all of these really young girls and making the choreography energetic, but the flailing is not uniform and looks disorganized and desperate.  Oh, and seriously?  It was cute when C-ute did it for “Massara Blue Jeans” six years ago, but SERIOUSLY, framing your face with your hand several times over is NOT. A. DANCE. MOVE.  Hello! Project, you really need to hire some new choreographers with fresh moves.  The same old shit that we’ve been seeing since 2000 is getting. fucking. old.  Everyone else has replaced their choreographers.  Is it just that H!P is too attached to them or that they’re really that oblivious?  The looks, music, and girls have all finally been caught up with the times, so it’s high time that the choreography is too.  HIGH. TIME.

I’m waiting for the PV for “The Mantenrou Show” to come out before I review that one, but if it’s anything like this one, I’m sure I’ll love it!  I know I always have a few bones to pick, but I really like this song and hope Tsuku can work out the last few kinks by next single.



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25 06 2012
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26 06 2012

I was wondering what sorcery was going on with the Electric Shock post XD

Yayy on your impression~ I’m glad another person wasn’t complaining about the sparkly-ness or the electro song. People can be way too over the top about H!P vids. Honestly, you’re rarely going to see an intricate, high-budgeted PV, so stop hoping. And just by you saying, “OMG DIS SO CHEAP” doesn’t make it any less cheaper.

True dat about Riho. It’s sad because people are so sensitive about the Riho situation. It’s like, you can’t even state how you feel because people are just gonna be like, “WTF SHE’S 14 OMG LIKE SHE DOESN’T HAVE A CHOICE IN WHAT SHE DOES OMG ASDFGHJKL.” Like, stfu. Even if you didn’t have a choice about being center majority of the time, you can at least make it look like you’re interested. And not only that, just because she doesn’t have a choice doesn’t mean I have to like her.


26 06 2012

Yeah, I have no idea. It was all there, saved, and as soon as I published it, it vanished. I tried to pretend that it would show up for a couple days, but alas.

I don’t really think it’s quite her own fault entirely; however, I think she’s a bit cocky and/or lazy because she’s been handed everything since joining because of her history with MoMusu, and thus isn’t putting in the effort the others are. And it shows.

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