Sexy, Free & Single, I’m ready to Bingo!

3 07 2012

Super Junior’s latest single, “Sexy, Free & Single” came out a few hours ago and fangirls worldwide are freaking the fuck out.  Actually, I’m surprised at how (relatively) few views there are after almost an entire day.  There’s only 1.2 million as of right now, and it seemed as though “Mr. Simple” caught on a lot quicker.  Despite that, the comments are littered with ELF’s fangirling and everyone else hating.  It seems Super Junior is out to create a buzz once again.

I’m finding myself a bit torn about this music video.  I can’t decide if I like it or not.  I definitely don’t love it or hate it, but it’s teetering on a thin line.  Usually, my inner fangirl that fell in love with Super Junior five years ago overpowers my logical side, but this time I’m not sure if it’s enough.

The best part about the entire video is undoubtedly the dance.  Yeah, I know, there are a couple recycled moves from “Mr. Simple,” “Bonamana,” and “Sorry, Sorry” (still), but it’s only one or two from each song.  And holy shit, did they step up their game. Damn.  You guys realize that Leeteuk is almost 30, right?  Did you see how smooth his moves were?  And not just him and his crazy footwork, but the group as a whole.  I felt the moves are way more intricate and sharp than the past singles.  I forgot for a second that they were Super Junior, Kpop extraordinaire, and thought I was watching a dance crew.  I don’t know what happened to shape them up, but they were finally all one solid moving body, not pieces slightly off from each other.  Some of the moves completely blew my mind, joke intended.  I feel that this is the best dance Super Junior has ever done, both in choreography and detail work.

Another thing that I was SO HAPPY to see was that for ONCE, the video didn’t open with Siwon. THANK. GOD.  I mean, I’m not the only person sick of him being the first, center, and last face in Super Junior videos, right?  Right?  *dodges bullets*  And I love me some Donghae. Mmmm. Donghae, you can open my Super Junior videos and dance center any day.  …that wasn’t really sexy, was it?  Balls.

Also, before you all say that this was exactly like the past three clones of singles, I’m going to shock you here: it’s really not.  I mean, yes, it’s very similar.  I think the entire song, yet again, has a five-note range and most of… everything is monotone.  …again.  No, it’s not the most original song.  Or music video.  Or set.  Or… yeah, okay.  I see your point.  But the big differences here are that a) the dance is absolutely phenomenal, b) the boys are sexy, c) NO SIWON OVERLOAD <3, and c) there’s no rap!  I mean, I know they kind of sort of tried to sneak in a rap break, but it didn’t stand out from the rest of the song.  And in that, Eunhyuk and Shindong got more lines elsewhere!  And I really particularly enjoyed the falsetto lines.  Those were a lovely, different touch to the song.

Now, the second best part of this music video is definitely…

Sexy leader Leeteuk.  Holy crap.  Remember that part where I mentioned he’s almost 30?  Yeah.  I feel like Leeteuk is the Korean Robert Downey Jr.  He will never cease to be sexy.  In addition to his fly moves, that BODY.  And his falsetto?  Mmm.  Gives Donghae a run for his money.

Aaaaand now it’s time to be painfully honest.

I’m sorry, Ryeowook, but you keep trying to be gangsta, and someone has to break it to you: You are not, and never will be.  You’re about as gangsta as Justin Beiber.  Please, please spare yourself any more embarrassment.  Or, keep doing it, and provide me more lol’s during Super Junior music videos.

I have some problems with the line and time distribution in this one.  I love all the Leeteuk, Donghae, and Eunhyuk.  That part’s awesome.  But I’m pretty disappointed at how little Kyuhyun there was and how much Sungmin was instead.  Did Sungmin suddenly become more popular than Kyuhyun?  Tell me it ain’t so!  And I am absolutely, absolutely floored that Kangin only got one line.

This was Kangin’s comeback song!  He’s been out for TWO. YEARS.  And he get’s one line?  What kind of bullshit is that?  He’s clearly at the same vocal ability he was when he left, and the military was the punishment for his “scandal” (if you can call it that), so why the hell is he getting pushed into the background?  He was one of my favorite members before he left, and he was almost a lead singer (you know, besides K.R.Y.).  I’m so disappointed that I only got to see him for a couple seconds and Sungmin so much.  Seriously, so disappointed, guys.


One last point to make here.  I cannot BELIEVE there are still so many people (idiots on youtube mainly) that are saying Shindong is fat.  Are you kidding me?  Does that look like the picture of a fat persion to you?  Let me show you a fat person.

Shindong has a broader body structure.  It’s just who he is.  He has lost a ton of weight over the years and I think he’s looking great!  So all of you idiots who think he’s fat need to look at how you’re defining that word.  And if you’re anorexic.

As a whole, I feel like I’ll get tired of the song really quickly, just like every single for the past, what, three, four years?  It’s not a phenomenal song.  But then again, I didn’t really expect it to be.  The dance it their best yet, but I feel like the extreme lack of Kangin and the boring song take away from it.

I’m still as torn as I was when I started writing this, so maybe their first live will change my opinion.  What do you guys think of “Sexy, Free & Single”?

And sorry about the lack of posts lately.  WordPress has been REALLY frustrating to use and deleting my posts when I save them and/or publish them.  I’m going to be looking for a new blogging site, any recommendations?



11 responses

4 07 2012

I really couldn’t care less about Super Junior but the reference to Robert Downey, Jr. was LOVE. XDD ❤

4 07 2012

Tsuki, I so many feels about this last night. You don’t understand. I could not sit still watching the MV when it was released. @_@ You should have seen my tumblr spam yesterday.. lolol This whole album is perfection. I CANNOT WAIT TIL MY PHYSICAL COPY COMES IN THE MAIL. 84PG PHOTO BOOK OF GLORY. -coughlolwutcough-

4 07 2012

Also, stop complaining about all the Sungmin in this lol. He was freaking amazing in this. I love his falsetto line~ *w* Bahaha but I agree with what you said about Shindong! It annoys the crap out of me when people say he’s fat. When I saw the teaser/MV I seriously thought he lost more weight!! New fans are annoying, someone seriously said something about seeing two Shindongs.. I was mentally like “uhm excuse you, but the “second shindong” is kangin you nitwit.” >.>;;

4 07 2012

Kangin=manlymanlyman. mmmm ❤
I have no problem with Sungmin, really, I would just much rather see… almost any other member. 😀 Except Ryeowook. I prefer Sungmin over him, at least! XD And I already said I loved the falsetto parts! gtfo!! XDDDD

5 07 2012

I liked it, but just like you said it didn’t really stand out as a “omg what a huge hit!” -thing.
And I was hugely disappointed, just like you, that Kangin only got one stinkin’ line! It almost feels like they’re punishing him still, even though he already made up for his “scandal”.
More Kangin, more falsetts (’cause yeah, I agree, they were good), and more notes, and then I’m happy. Or yeah, at least less annoyed. ^^

6 07 2012

Tbh I don’t see why anyone should feel like they’re still punishing Kangin.. I mean in past title songs he’s only gotten only one line before.. >>;; Yeah I know its his comeback song after 2 years, but..idk maybe I’m just stupid lol

6 07 2012

It does still feel a bit like it. He was pretty significant to the group in early releases.

12 07 2012

Thanks to Leeteuk I can’t see this video withouth having any sexual thought… Dx

12 07 2012

He is rather good at distracting.

28 08 2012

I don’t understand what you were saying about Siwon because he is the first solo face and solo line in the beginning and he is the last face before the end of the video. This video is still the same as past music videos that focus a lot on Siwon. Anyway, I don’t care that they put Siwon all over the place because he is gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed the “Sexy, Free & Single” music video. I do wish Kangin and Shindong had more lines in the song. The song and the dance are great to me.The whole album is fabulous.

26 04 2013

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