Kikkawa You – Koko Kara Hajimarunda

7 07 2012

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about Kikkawa You’s solo works before here.  For those of you who don’t know, she started out as a Hello! Project trainee after being turned down for the Morning Musume Generation 8 auditions.  She participated in Milky Way with Kusumi Koharu for a while and now is signed under Universal Records as a solo artist.  Which, I should mention, have been absolutely phenomenal so far.  But her newest single, “Koko Kara Hajimrunda,” has to be her best yet.

This is so refreshing after Morning Musume’s awful video last night. Kikkawa You has outdone herself again!  I have yet to dislike a release of hers.

What caught my attention with this single was the MikuMiku Dance version!  MikuMiku dance is a program that traces dancers while they dance (Niigaki Risa did a few a while back if you remember) and then animates the dance.  It’s very popular with Vocaloids, and the program was originally created to make dances for them.  So the use of it brings in an entirely new demographic for Kikka, which is awesome!

I love Vocaloid and Iadore electropop (if you couldn’t tell by now), so this song is all kinds of win.  I’m so glad that Kikka got away from Hello! Project, because she would never have been able to release this kind of music under them.  Sorry, Tsunku old man, you’re a bit stale.  Electropop has become really popular in Japan in the past few years, so it’s a very smart move for Kikka career-wise.  It’s really catchy and it really fits her bubbly personality.  The dance is really charming… as it should be, since that’s the entire video.

I wonder when Universal is going to stop making Kikka be alone in all her videos?  It was fine for the first few because she was so new, but it started to get awkward in “Konna Atashi de Yokattara” when she was dancing with clones of herself.  That dance seriously requited some backdancers.  Then the next video she was with sock puppets.  I mean, that’s a bit worrisome.  What are they doing to her at Universal!?  And this video is charming, really, but she always has these really energetic dances that I feel would benefit so much from backdancers.  I’m really not quite sure why she hasn’t gotten any.  Surely UFA can lend a few of the masses of Kenshuusei.  If the song wasn’t so damn good, I would have gotten bored very quickly with the music video.

But Kikka looks and sounds stunning.  This girl needs some serious promotion.  She has the talent and the looks to make it big.  But, oh, wait.  She’s still managed by UFA, the kings of bad promotion.  Yeah… that’s probably not going to happen.



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7 07 2012

I totally agree! I’ve loved everything Kikkawa has done. She is so talented. I want this single so badly…

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