Best for Berryz

10 07 2012

The PV for Berryz Koubou’s 29th single was just released, “cha cha SING!”  I wasn’t sure what to expect when the title of the single was announced, but it definitely wasn’t an Indian-infused track.  I’m sure this is culturally offensive somewhere to use in a pop song, but everything screams Hindu culture in this video, from the obvious of the sound and the outfits down to the vibrant colours and structure of the set.  Man, Berryz has done it again.  They have to be Tsunku’s favorites, because their music is seriously always the best.  Check out the PV for “cha cha SING” below!

Berryz always get the most fun music, the most catchy music, the most vocally challenging music, the best dances to their music, etc, etc.  There’s a reason why they’ve been my H!P favorites for a while now.  I wasn’t particularly fond of “Be Genki,” so I’m super extra excited that this single is that much better.

The outfits had me a little worried about this one.  When it comes to Berryz, usually Miyabi, Risako, and Momoko (sometimes Yurina) in different outfits than the others means that the song is going to be solely them three with only a few group parts for everyone else.  And while yes, Miya, Risako, Momo, and Yurina definitely do sing lead here, I still get to hear plenty of Captain and Chinami~!  Who sound great, as always.

Actually, everyone sounds particularly well in this song.  It’s not as demanding as some of their other songs, but vocal trills can be difficult, and they were pulled off very well!  Risako’s trill lines during the verses (such as 1:31) would have been better suited for Yurina or Captain, but she sounds much better than, say, a year ago.  I mean, her part in the bridge?  Damn, girl.  I’m not sure Miyabi could have pulled that line off much better.  The entire song is really catchy; from the very opening notes I’m absolutely hooked.  The repetitiveness doesn’t even bug me for once because it’s so much awesome.

At this point I really need to point out something important here.  Something you seriously never see in Hello! Project songs.  I can’t even think of another song like this.  Tsunku songs are nearly always a variation of: “a-b-a-c-b-c” or “a-b-c-d-b-c-b-c” where the letters represent verses and choruses.  We may get a quiet reminiscent of a bridge, perhaps a solo chorus or adlibs every one in thirty songs, but Tsunku rarely breaks his mold.  This song, though… this song!  It changes all of that!  There is actually a bridge that is completely different from the entire rest of the song!!!!  I mean, woah.  I’m floored.  Tsunku is getting pretty tricksy these days.  I mean, I still hate him a bit, but this song is pure gold.  I suppose he still has an ace or two somewhere in there.

Anyway.  The energy of these girls never fails to amaze me.  The dance is very jumpy and high-energy, which makes smiling and singing, especially at the same time, very difficult.  But Berryz always has these crazy dances and sometimes they get winded, but damn, they never let it get them down.  They seriously hold the trophy in Hello! Project for energy.  Which is something considering all of their competition is 12-year-olds these days.


I just… love Berryz Koubou.  So much.  They’re so awesome.  Catchy melody, A DIFFERENT MOLD, lots of Miya and Yurina, awesome vocals, energetic dance, and TONS OF HINDU SYMBOLISM. ❤  All I need to make this song an A+ is that Momo needs to get a different hairstyle from the one she’s been wearing for the past two years.  (And an English translation because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT ALL THIS HINDU IS ABOUT.  BECAUSE I’M REALLY LOVING IT.)

EDIT: Just found out this is a cover song.  Still awesome, but there goes my hope that Tsunku was creative enough to make this.  I knew it was too good to be true.



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10 07 2012
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14 07 2012

I know!!! I love it SO MUCH!!!! I had no idea it was a cover and yeah, that is a bit disappointing. You’re still right though – I don’t think any other group could pull off a song like that. ❤

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