24 07 2012

A couple days ago, BEAST, one of my favorite Kpop boy bands, finally released their new music video, “Midnight Sun.”  Because of an unsuccessful attempt at Japan and a world tour, we haven’t seen these boys doing something interesting since “Fiction” over a year ago.  Being out of the Kpop scene for so long has clearly taken its tole on these boys.  

There was a bit of controversy with this music video because, hilariously, BEAST literally posted a Craigslist ad for MV extras in New York where the video was filmed a couple days prior to filming.  Once the smart NY Kpop fans found it and shared it with Netizens, BEAST’s staff quickly removed the post.  And aw, how cute it was that they thought someone wouldn’t save the post.  I mean, sure, it’s fine to look for extras, but it’s almost pathetic that Cube didn’t have any networking or event tried professional companies to hire extras.  You never saw a Craigslist for the extras in Big Bang’s videos, now did you?

Anyway.  I had really high expectations for this song and video.  Like I said, BEAST is one of my favorites; I think they’re an incredibly well-rounded group (no one member is a bad singer at all) and they are phenomenal dancers with this amazing high energy.  They also are really sexy most of the time:

BEAST K-POP Wallpaper

But, uhm… this video, I….

What?  There are two perfect words to describe how the boys look for almost the entire video: hot messes. And I feel like it wasn’t an attempt to be stylish or unique, but follow the trends of Kpop stars that they are trying to emulate, such as Big Bang and SHINee. I mean… purple hair on Junhyung!?  I mean, I know TOP’s amazing and all, but Junhyung just can’t pull off that look.  And good GOD who thought purple and yellow were a good combination?!  Then poor Hyunseung with that awful, AWFUL red toupee. Red. Toupee.  It looks like someone took a mop head, soaked it in Red Crayola markers, and then stuck it on Hyunseung’s head.  Yoseob would actually look decent if his hair wasn’t orange.  I mean, really, did one of the coordinator’s children bring markers into the concept meeting and everyone thought, “OMG. MARKER COLOUR HAIR. PERFECT!”


And then…. then there’s poor Dongwoon…

Wut. The fuck.  Is that.  I… there are no words for how insanely hideous that… everything is.  The hair (YOU CANNOT PULL OF BLONDE, DONGWOON. STOP. STOP IT NOW.), the outfit… it just… gah.  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

Kikwang and Doojoon didn’t look too awful at any point, except for all of these horrible outfits.  The suits that we saw for about ten seconds combined were the best part of the music video.  Why couldn’t those have been the main outfits?

Ahem.  Now, the horrible look aside, I actually decently like the music video.  I feel that it’s pretty appropriate for the song, and I really like how they used New York.  With Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” (sorry to keep comparing them), I didn’t really feel that we saw a whole lot of the city.  While it was better for that video to focus on the boys and song, I feel that “Midnight Sun” captured the feel of the city more.  It’s supposed to be a party dance video, which NYC is an ideal setting for.  The night and day shots I feel were done very well and tastefully (shocking after that Craigslist ad).  Although the angles and shaking camera work did give me a bit of a headache, overall I enjoyed the video.

The only part I feel that should have been in there was the dance.  I mean, the dance isn’t in the music video at all.  In order to see that, you need to venture to the practice video:

Which was clearly shot and edited by a two year old. It’s a practice video.  Why are you changing the angles and doing a split screen?  Practice videos should have the camera set low and in a position that covers the entire movement of the dance.  SM is great at this.  So is Loen.  SO Y U SUCK CUBE?!

The dance is… okay. I just can’t help but feel that it’s a real step down for BEAST.  They’re known for their unique dances.  Although new groups are trying to copy it, when BEAST debuted, it was really unseen for a Kpop boy band to have a b-boy style of dance that could pull it off so well.  I mean, some practice videos I literally felt that I was watching a b-boy dance crew.  BEAST doesn’t have the pop-and-lock tutting style of SHINee or the one-move wonders like Infinite or the Eurobeat dubstep style of U-Kiss.  They usually have a heavy b-boy influence in their choreography that I don’t think many other groups could pull off.  And they clearly attempted that with “Midnight Sun.” Attempted.  I don’t think it’s their fault, but based on the awesome choreography of their past hits, it’s pretty lame choreography for BEAST.  And you can clearly tell that they are desperately trying to make it somewhat interesting.  No wonder it wasn’t in the music video.  I mean, the boys are so bored at one point that they climb on the wall and start humping it.  Now, I know that that’s just BEAST being the high-energy  BEAST that they are, but it speaks poorly for the choreography.

Onto the song itself!  I really liked it the first listen through.  It’s really catchy and makes you want to get up and dance!  I was almost ready to call it one of my favorite BEAST songs.  But then I listened a couple more times.  And… I feel that, a lot like the dance, it’s just low quality for BEAST.  The song, albeit catchy, has one or two too many choruses that really take away from it.  They could have used that time for something a lot more interesting, but I feel like the entire song is the chorus six times over, and it gets really dull. Really fast.  The rap is hardly memorable.  In fact, I honestly can’t recall it besides knowing there was one.  Junhyung is an incredible rapper, on the level of G-Dragon and TOP, but this is one of his worst.  Again, I doubt it’s his fault, but it’s so dull.  Hardly even necessary for the song.

Few Kpop groups, boys and girls, are blessed to have every single member talented in vocals.  Think of KARA’s Goo Hara, SNSD’s Yoona, Super Junior’s Shindong, or U-Kiss’s Kiseop.  I mean, they aren’t bad vocalists by any means, but they’re nowhere near the level of their groupmates and clearly there for visuals or dance.  BEAST, however, is completely different.  Yes, Yoseob has the best control and range, and Junhyung is clearly just the rapper (and damn good at it too), but the other four members are all amazing singers.  They hardly lack in singing talent at all.  So why is “Midnight Sun” so bland?  The whole song has a range of a couple notes, save for Yoseob’s hardly memorable adlibs at the end.  They didn’t utilize the capability of the group at all.

Actually, that can be said for “Midnight Sun” as a whole.  From the concept to the dance to the song, it just isn’t all BEAST has to give.  More like 25% of it.  I’m trying really hard to like it, but after more than a year… I was just expecting a lot more from one of the top Kpop groups.



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25 07 2012
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