BREAKING NEWS – Tsugunaga Momoko….

2 08 2012

Although most people thought that Berryz Koubou’s eternal child, Tsugunaga Momoko, had had those fugly pigtails surgically attached to her head about a year ago, it turns out to be false!  Recent images from her other active idol group, Buono!, show her with a… wait for it… different hair style!  Although this may seem incredulous, please look at the images below for proof yourself.

Although sources report that this may not last long, some fans remain hopeful that poor Momoko has been cured of the horrid pigtails for good.



5 responses

2 08 2012

I like them. . .

2 08 2012

I liked them at first, I’m just a little sick of them lately.

14 08 2012

Sadly Momochi has just begun to get popular so her pigtails won’t go away. Only during Buono do they disappear and I for one, am bloody glad!! But I cannot wait for this album!

25 11 2012
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[…] she is to her readers and doesn’t sound like a robot just relaying the information. In this hilarious, short post, Tsukiki is finally relieved over Momoko’s change in hairstyle(“. . . those fugly […]

11 07 2013

Momoko always kind of gave me the heebie jeebies and now I know why. It was those freaky pigtails. Always perpetually in the same shape. Also this one segment I watched where she was kind of really mean to the girls from T-ARA.

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