On HwaYoung and T-ara

2 08 2012

You’ve all been informed on the T-ara scandal by now.  If not, allkpop has a great briefing on the situation.  I didn’t want to elaborate too much on this (at all, actually), but what needs to be said needs to be said.  I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on this, from complete passiveness to absolute fury.  Here’s what I think:

I really, really liked Hwayoung.  I think how she and her twin sister, Hyoyoung, got scouted into CCM was a one in a million chance.  At first I didn’t think she deserved it, but after a year or so, I was thoroughly impressed by both girls.  I was completely blown away with Hwayoung in T-ara’s freshly released single “Day by Day.”  I like her.  I sympathize for all the shit she’s been through, particularly that traumatizing nip-slip.

I’ve been really on and off with T-ara as a whole.  Sometimes their music is awesome, sometimes it sucks.  They seem to be absolutely plagued by drama, though, and it’s really driven me away from getting close to the idols at all.  There was the Boram becoming leader controversy, the Jiyeon sex tape scandal, the nip slip, the CEO publicly threatening the members and pitting them against each other, and now this.  When there’s that much scandal and drama, what’s the point of bothering?  I steer clear from drama in every aspect of my life, so while drama-feeding netizens may love T-ara for it, I hate that part.

But really, I feel that my disappointment is aimed completely at that shithead of a CEO they have, Kim Kwang Soo.  I have to be honest, I feel that the past T-ara-related statements (the threats) and this have been publicity scams.  He seems really, really desperate to stay on the front page no matter what or by which means.  And, really, why?  “Lovey Dovey” is still the #1 song of 2012, and it came out in 2011, with it’s competition being the biggest names in Kpop–BIG BANG and Wonder Girls.  These girls have clearly proven they have what it takes to stay on top, so why is he torturing them still?

And that whole bullying and Hwayoung being too difficult to work with nonsense is absolutely bullshit.  Yes, you heard me.  Every bit of it.  Now, both or neither or bits and pieces may be true.  I will never know and neither will any of you.  It’s still ridiculous bullshit.  Why?  Because it’s the industry.  When you’re in a musical group, if you don’t like someone, you deal with it.  I highly doubt that the nine members of SNSD living together, who likely all PMS at the same time, get along well all the time and never fight.  I highly doubt the SHINee members never fight, especially because they are constantly compared for everything.  As it is for T-ara.  Who’s the better rapper?  Who’s the prettiest?  Who dances best?  They’re constantly in competition, so of course there’s discontent between the members.  In addition, Hwayoung joined on her own several years after the addition of any new members.  So I’m sure it was a little hard to fit in.  Sure.  I can see bullying.  But to kick someone out for it?  Nonsense.  These girls are professionals and have been in the industry for years.  The tweets were immature, but for the most part, they weren’t setting out to cause conflict.

Now I have a huge issue that Kim Kwang Soo (CEO) said that this was because T-ara’s staff, all 19 of them, wanted Hwayoung out because she was a diva.  I mean… what?!  Where do they even get the nerve to ask that?!  It’s their job to deal with Kpop divas.  Literally.  Their job.  I just don’t buy that shit.  Their only job is to work on 7 girls.  I know it’s a lot of work, I know that they hardly sleep and are stressed beyond belief, but I just don’t buy that 19 professionals in an industry so cut-throat as Kpop where anyone is easily disposable, ESPECIALLY the ones behind the scenes, all  complained to the CEO of their company about a member.  You wouldn’t do that in a corporate setting, which is essentially what Core Contents Media is for those not in the spotlight.

Yes, you read that all right.  I’m calling this all absolute bullshit.  This is a publicity scam for some ungodly reason by that pig Kim Kwang Soo who just can’t be happy with what he’s already got.  I feel so horrible for the members of T-ara, Hwayoung, and her family.  What a rollercoaster.  It’s just shitty that he threw her under the bus for this.

I don’t want T-ara to disband nor will I stop listening to their music as long as it’s good.  I doubt I will ever financially support them, though, because I do not support their company’s CEO.  In an idea world, I would love for them to join a new agency, but we all know that won’t happen.  I hope something 100 times better comes along for Hwayoung.  Poor baby.



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2 08 2012
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2 08 2012

After reading theprophetblog’s post about T-ara, I feel that there is more than meets the eye. If the bullying is true, I blame CEO Kim Kwang Soo because he is known for this stuff e.g. Seeya. And the so-called death threat to Hwayoung was DISGUSTING.

2 08 2012

He’s threatened her three or four times to the media at this point. He revolts me.

SeeYa came to mind for me as well. He has a history of doing shit like this.

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