℃-ute Aitai Aitai Aitai na Review

16 08 2012

The PV for ℃-ute’s “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” is out!

These girls are like a good wine, they just keep getting better and better over time.  They’re no Berryz, but compared to a year or two ago, this is such a great improvement!  For the most part, I really love this PV!  

There is one tiny thing I don’t like about it before I get into how great this is.

Everything is so white.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s on purpose.  It’s so distractingly white for the same reason Chisato’s cheeks are way too red and everyone’s lipstick is a bit too pink.  Blah, blah, innocence, blah.  Bullshit.  Once again, ℃-ute has the most blatantly sexual dance moves that I think I’ve ever seen from an idol group.  We have:

The working cowgirl dance (Guys really don’t have to work at all!)

The birthing dance

The “He still hasn’t called me, so I’ll satisfy my needs myself!” dance

And, I wasn’t going to include this one, but I couldn’t resist.  You know you all thought of it too:

The “Let me birth your children, look how good at rocking babies I am!  I’ll be a great mother!”

I encourage you to go look at other ℃-ute dances and find the similar themes.  Or the lesbian themes.  Oh, you thought only “Kiss Me Aishiteru” was lebian?  Haha.  Watch this PV again.  I didn’t put a screen cap of it up, but I’m sure you can find it.

But basically.  I was blinded almost the entire PV, except thank the LORD for Maimai’s solo shots, because they’re trying to pretend that wanting to meet this guy so badly is all innocent.  Pfffffffffffffft.  Who are you kidding, UFA?  The tasteless overuse of white and lack of any other colour, really, quite irked me.  YOU ARE NOT KIDDING ANYONE.  STOP HURTING MY EYES.


Other than those moves that made me uncomfortable, the dance was really great!  It was actually quite challenging and complex for a Hello! Project dance, which I think will help ℃-ute stand out in the market.  Their last single sold quite well, so hopefully something as risque as this will help them stay relevant!  Even the lesser dancers of the group, like Maimai, really did quite well keeping up with the likes of Chisato and Maimi!

I thought, besides the blinding white, the story was pretty unique as well!  See, they’d like you to believe that it’s five innocent love stories.  But oh ho ho.  Just like the dance, there’s so much more.  See, half way through the video, most of the girls decide to stop waiting and go meet the mystery dude themselves.  It starts with Maimai leaving the coffee shop he was supposed to meet her at, then Maimi leaving the park he was suppose to walk with her at, then Chisato leaves the innocent field where I’m sure they were going to be completely innocent, and Nakky leaving the mall he was supposed to take her shopping to.  But Airi?  Nope, she never leaves.  Why?  One guy, five girls.  He makes dates with them all at the same time, but decides the one he “innocently” loves the most is Airi (not because she’s the most famous or has the best body or anything).  So why doesn’t she leave?  She knows she won.

Oh, she knows.  I see what you did there, ℃-ute, I see what you did there.  Bet you didn’t notice that the first time around, eh?  Ah, I love ruining this PV for you!

And lastly, the song.  I also love this.  It’s probably (ironically) the one I’ve liked the best since “Kiss Me Aishiteru.”  I mean, I liked their other songs, but this is so catchy!  It’s not so upbeat that it’s a rehash of “One Two Three”, but the slow vocals with the upbeat electronic melody is addictive.  And the BEST PART!  It’s not all Airi!!  Or Airi and Maimi!!  I can’t even remember the last time ℃-ute had anything remotely similar to an even line distribution.  In fact, a look at their discography shows that the closest they’ve been was “Edo no Temari Uta II” back in 2008.  While, yes, Airi is great, there are four other members of the group and it’s great to hear them for once.  Maimai’s sounding especially improved.

Overall, this is a pretty great PV!  Not too visually appealing, but otherwise one of the better ones we’ve seen from ℃-ute.  Hopefully this does just as well as the last one!



3 responses

16 08 2012

Maybe with this MV, he’s trying to keep C-ute still pure when you think of their clothing and scenery, everything is white and pink. Light colours. I think the dance is good, the song is good and the MV is okay but maybe it’s the bridge that destroys it a bit for me. The church organs part was really strange if you ask me and they must get very tired with some of these dance moves.

I must say that Maimi does look absolutely gorgeous though! Chisato is my favourite but I wish she didn’t cut her hair that short, wish it was little longer.

17 08 2012

Chisato’s my favorite as well! I think in the shots when it was straight it actually looked pretty good, but when they curled it, or scrunched it…. whatever the heck they did to it in her story shots looked a little… off.

17 08 2012

Agreed! She could look so much better!

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