AKB48’s “Yume no Kawa” MV

18 08 2012

Ah, it’s finally here…  Maeda Atsuko’s graduation.  In a little over a week, her last single with AKB48, Gingham Check, will  be released.  A PV for one of the songs on the single, “Yume no Kawa” (River of Dreams), has been released.

(Note: this version is slightly pitched up to avoid getting taken down.  It probably will be anyway, so check out the original full PV at Tokyohive.)  

The PV starts out with Acchan taking a boat down the River of Dreams, where the set eventually transitions from her and the top Senbatsu members behind her to the top Senbatsu members taking the lead to her.  It’s pretty clearly symbolic.  The set is absolutely beautiful, with stunning lights and flawless movement.  There’s a huge set of LED butterfly wings that surround Acchan at one point.

The song is about following your dreams no matter where they take you.  It might be hard, but you have to keep going.  And then the other girls saying goodbye to Acchan and encouraging her in her future endeavors.  At first I thought it was so cheesy and lame, but I have to admit…

I definitely cried when Acchan started to leave.  And then Yuko shed a tear and all the girls were gathered to see her off… ugh.  So sappy and sad and touching.  The full orchestra and everything’s beauty doesn’t help.  I’ve never seen a graduation this elaborate for an idol, but then again, it’s not every day that Japan’s #1 idol graduates.

The song and PV, while very simple, are so gorgeous and touching… I highly recommend them.

But I can’t help but feel that Yuko isn’t really upset about Atsuko’s graduation…

Yeah… no way.

Well, everyone else will miss you dearly Acchan.  Good luck in the future!



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