Well, Hot Damn.

18 08 2012

A really popular shoujo manga, Cat’s Eye, is being adapted into a musical.  And that musical is starring seven Berikyuu members rotating the three lead characters.  Just like the Cinderella musical, a unit has been formed to release a single to promote the musical.  Cat’s Eye 7 is just about the dream H!P Kids unit: Berryz’ Risako, Yurina, Maasa, and Captain, with °C-ute’s Mai, Maimi, and Nakky.

This is the first H!P musical this important (heavy promoting on UFA’s part) where the Kids are leading; I think it’s clear that the reins of H!P are being slowly transferred until the new Musumes get a handle.  I had high expectations for this group, and wow, they sure as hell followed through. 

The best part of this PV is the song itself.  It is catchy as hell.  You know I love me some electronic music.  They all perform very well, which may or may not be thanks to the autotune.  But I feel that it isn’t distasteful or even a security blanket in this song; the instrumental is heavily electronisized, so it feels like just another instrument.  I find it interesting that Risako and Maimai are the leads on this song, as I would have thought that it would have been Maimi and Yurina or Risako.  But Maimai really pulls it off, which surprises me.  And, oh, did I mention the icing on the cake?  The part that makes this an absolutely phenomenal song?

Fuck yes.  Captain raps.  Throughout the song.  Her break is absolutely epic.  GOD, WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY WHOLE H!P FANDOM?!  I’m crying tears of joy because this is just so awesome.  I’ve  been wanting more Captain raps since… forever.  The teaser on Berryz’ “Loving you too much” was great, but man.  This is… Hello! Project needs more rapping.  No, more Captain rapping, because I really don’t think anyone else would be quite so epic at it.  Can you–just pause a minute and picture this–imagine “Morning Musume ‘What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~ feat. Shimizu Saki.'”  Instant gold on any song.  “Feat. Captain” can be the new “Feat. Pitbull.”  Please.  Oh, God, please.

The next greatest part is the concept.  I won’t claim to be an expert, but in my very limited research of Cat’s Eye, it’s clear that the girls have a very sexual image (actually, it’s one of the main points).  That actually really concerned me when this group was announced because, well, I guess I still thought of them as the H!P Kids.  I suppose I forgot that Tsunku changed their name to “Berikyuu.”  And while some members are still a smidge young, they pulled off sexy quite well.  I was most surprised at how well Maimai and Maasa pulled it off.  Also how many more abs than I was expecting.  You know, Maimi’s abs are always expected and wonderful, but Maimai, Yurina, Captain, and Nakky abs pleasantly caught me off guard!

I’m not bothered by how simple the PV was.  It’s really just a dance shot with some different angles and effects.  Nothing too special.  But a phenomenal PV isn’t the point of this single, it’s just to promote the musical.  Which I think it does well.  It gets the theme of Cat’s Eye conveyed–criminals and sexy.  The end.  While it would be shocking if the musical was this electronic and catchy, it sure makes you curious.

I’m only really disappointed by was the dance.  The song is great, and the girls look fierce, as they should.  But the dance is so simple, and since the entire PV is a dance shot, I felt that it should have been a lot better.  Looks like H!P still needs some new choreographers.  It was overly simple to the point where it was boring.  A really strong dance like °C-ute’s “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” would have really made this PV over the top.  But I guess it’s still H!P and still cannot be perfect.

I feel that this unit and PV are H!P’s answer to the dying Hallyu wave–proof that almost anything those Kpop artists can bring, so can Jpop.  I’m really impressed and it would be awesome if this group would continue.  Unless they change the name, I doubt they will, but it would be so awesome.

On a different note, since Chisato and Chinami are the only two Berikyuu members without a subunit now, CAN HAS DUO?! That would be an absolutely awesome pair.  Can anyone say the next W?



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18 08 2012

Only Chisato isn’t in a subgroup, Chinami is in DIY with Maimi, Miya, Nakky and Harunan

19 08 2012

True. I meant a Berikyuu subgroup. You know, Berikyuu – Buono! – Cat’s Eye 7 = Chisato and Chinami.

24 08 2012

The thing with this song and its accompanying choreography: it’s the same as the old 80s Cat’s Eye anime’s opening theme. For reference, here’s the original song performed in 2010 by Tamaki Nami and Bless4 at an anime song concert (also note the hilarity of the two dudes doing the same dance in the background). HP can mess around with the song by adding the electronic elements, the rap solos, and a few new dance moves. But projects like this are after all nostalgia trips marketed towards those who grew up watching the anime in the 80s in Japan. So the basic melody, the lyrics, and yes, the simple chorus dance moves, have to remain generally the same to placate what would be the main audience for the stage play.

24 08 2012

ACK! Forgot to add the link:

Sorry for spamming!

25 08 2012

Ah! Point taken. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

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