AKB48 (and Friends) Team Shuffle

26 08 2012

At AKB48’s first day of a 3-day concert at Tokyo Dome, the manager of the Theater supposedly shocked everyone, including the members, by announcing the second AKB48 Team Shuffle.  Last time we had a shuffle, it really wasn’t such a huge deal because there weren’t any spin-off/sister groups, nor were there any graduations involved, nor were any of my favorites being shifted around.  I’m a bit grumpy about the changes we’re seeing.  

First of all, my post-graduation oshimen, Takahashi Minami, is no longer going to be the Captain of Team A (grump).  She’s being promoted to the General Manager of AKB48 (SUPER GRUMP).  Why is that super grump?  I imagine how much work it is to be a Team Captain for AKB48 with how popular and huge they’ve gotten is a lot to handle.  But to have to manage the whole damn group?  Yes, it’s a wonderful promotion and means worlds for her career, but I can’t begin to fathom the amount of stress she’s going to be under.  She has to lead 73 people.  They don’t even let professional HR managers do that in the idol industry.  Shit, usually each member has their own manager.  So… I can’t even.  And with her impending solo debut…. I just don’t want to see her get destroyed by the sheer amount of work and pressure.

Replacing her as Team A’s Captain is Shinoda Mariko (not grump).  I really like Mariko has a performer.  And hell, if she can run her own business while being a Senbatsu, she’ll be juuuuuuust fine.

Replacing Akimoto Sayaka (GRUMP) as Team K’s Captain is Oshima Yuko (GRUMP AGAIN).  I really, really love Akimoto Sayaka, especially as Captain K.  She’s such a great leader with SO much personality and charisma.  I think we all saw her replacement coming, but she JUST got her title back.  Why give it back just to take it away again?  Also, Yuko?  Seriously?  The one who just won Center in the Senbatsu election?

Now seems to be a perfect time for me to voice my annoyances with Yuko as center.  Really, it has nothing to do with her.  I think she’s a great idol.  I’ve never cared too much for her, but she doesn’t bother me either.  What bothers me is that they’re taking this whole “Center” thing about ten times further with her than they ever did for Acchan.  I mean, Yuko’s getting a solo cover in Acchan’s graduation single, when Acchan  never got that even for her own graduation single.  Please tell me someone else has seen this?  While, yes, Acchan did get the most screen time, I feel like it’s all just gotten worse with Yuko.  Yes, she won center, but when Acchan was center, I still knew there were other members.  I just feel it’s gone a bit too far… and now she’s Team K’s captain?  Seriously?!  That’s just… way too much.  I know a lot of you really like her, but this is taking the “Center” thing way too far.  She already is the spotlight of AKB for the rest of the year, why not let anyone else be in charge?

File:Umeda ayaka2012.jpg

Taking over Kashiwagi Yuki’s position as Team B’s Captain is Umeda Ayaka.  Now, I’m not grump about this, but I think they could have made a much better choice.  Umeda’s only been in four Senbatsu singles and she’s not nearly as active as other Senbatsu members.  The other two Captains and TakaMina have been in every single since their joining.  They are incredibly active outside of AKB activities and have a lot of experience that makes them (besides Yuko) good choices for leaders.  I just don’t see that in Umeda.  I only know who she is because I remember her from Morning Musume’s Gen7 auditions.  I guess I just don’t see why she would be chosen over some more qualified top Senbatsu members.

They’re also getting rid of Team 4 and shuffling the members into the other three teams.  Now, if I recall  correctly, Team 4 was formed last year because there were too many members for each team… so… what?  How does this make any sense?  To be honest, I think this makes the three teams a bit too large to handle, and I don’t really see the point.  It would have made much more sense to me to make them a bit smaller and make a Team 8, which I thought was going to happen for sure.  Or, if you had to get rid of a team, keep the Captains who know what the hell they’re doing.  Since the goal, in TakaMina’s words, is to make a whole new AKB48 to present to the world, how does going back to the classic teams work into that?  It just doesn’t make too much sense to me.

The last big change is that four AKB48 members are being transferred to JKT48 and SNH48 (two and two).  I can see why this choice was made; it will easily boost the popularity of the international sister groups (honestly, I forgot SNH48 existed).  But there’s definitely a reason that four lesser known members were chosen than any top Senbatsu girls.  For them personally, I see it as a huge demotion.  They’re moving to countries, arguably, lesser than Japan, at least in the idol music industry, where they won’t know the language, won’t have their friends or families around, and will be making less money.  They’re probably still in grade school.  They weren’t even asked, they were just told in front of 48,000 people and their fellow members.  I can’t see it as anything other than a demotion for the members; a sacrifice to try and save the international sister groups.  Really, I feel bad for them.

Nothing else really shocks me; just standard team rotations to keep things fresh.  I’m pretty grumpy about most of the changes being made here.  I’m not sure this will be my favorite AKB year.



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26 08 2012
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27 08 2012

“..They weren’t even asked, they were just told in front of 48,000 people and their fellow members..”

It was their desicion to be transferred to JKT and SNH, it’s part of the overseas AKB48 program they were planning. The four of them consulted their family, friends, and AKS (especially, Aki-P) if they really wanted to go. It was not a huge surprise when they were called to transfer. Yes, they cried because they’ll miss everyone, but they were happy with their decision. Besides it’s only temporary we just don’t know how long. If they were “transferring” in the case like Sasshi, they would have already plan a going off “graduation”-esque ceremony. Just here to clarify ;D

-With LOVE ❤

25 11 2012
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