Finally, FINALLY, Our Prays Have Been Answered

31 08 2012

“What is that,” you ask?  “Certainly this group with fresh moves and a catchy releases several times in a row can’t be Morning Musume?”

I know, I know.  But it is.  The video above is the dance rehearsal for Morning Musume’s upcoming single “Wakuteka Take a chance.”  There is so much win here…. I can hardly believe it’s MoMusu myself.

For the past several years it seems like, my prayers to Tsunku have been a) less Reina, b) catchier music, and c) SOME FREAKING NEW CHOREOGRAPHERS WITH FRESH MOVES GODDAMN.  I’ll take 2/3.  

I’m not sure where to start with this song/dance.  I love seeing Kanon in front for the choruses and Ayumi in center.  I love Sayumimi/Mizuki “rapping” (I know it’s not really, but I’m not sure what else to call it.)  I love that each girl has a solo line and that it’s not entirely Reina/Riho (“The Matenrou Show”, I’m looking at you).  I love Haruka, Ayumi, and Haruna having a front and center part.

The dance itself is so unique.  I mean, yes, I see a few age-old H!P moves.  Can we please all agree that a fist-pump does not belong anywhere near official choreography?  At the very beginning, I thought it was going to be one of those lame “Resonant Blue”-esque windmill moves, but I was so pleasantly surprised right away and it lasted the entire song.  And how you think they’re all pumping into another line, but then Reina zig-zags half the girls the other way?  I mean, it just keeps you interested the entire damn time.

The song has a lot of parallels to “One, Two, Three” that kind of irked me, such as the the part where each girl sings a couple words and crouches down as they do so in a pattern, just like the aforementioned song.  There was also the signature “Woah woah”s that were way overused in “One, Two, Three” that made another appearance here.  It also has too much Reina and lacks enough Ayumi (and maybe Kanon please?).

But otherwise, this song is absolutely captivating.  Every song I’ve heard since they started releasing album teasers is just phenomenal.  I can’t say it enough, I absolutely love this genre of music that MoMusu’s been diving into this year.  It’s really working well, and I mean, if this is the upcoming single and all the album songs are awesome so far… I’m actually–brace yourselves—excited to see what Tsunku has in store for us in the future.  You know, if Gen11 doesn’t screw it up (they look better than 9 and 10 did, though).

All I’ve been saying for years is that Morning Musume seriously needs to step up their game for more than just a split-second.  Clearly they have.



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31 08 2012
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1 09 2012

I agree! Robo Colourful Era FTW!

It’s such a good song but I feel like this could have been the B-side for One Two Three instead the more I think about it. Because at this time and in this world, it’s popular so they seem to have jumped on the electronic wagon at the right time if you ask me.

This song suits the current members as well! I really Wakutakeka Take a Chance however!

2 09 2012

Interesting thought, but if it had been coupled with “One Two Three” then that single would have been WAY overload and like paying double for the same song.

2 09 2012

Really? I guess so maybe because I wasn’t really impressed with TMS that I feel this way towards the song.

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