How is this Sexy Love?

2 09 2012

Oh dear God.  What an atrocity to the good name of Kpop.  Guys, I’m going to save you a waste of five minutes of your life that you will never, ever be able to get back.  Don’t bother watching that PV for T-ara’s “Sexy Love.”  Just… don’t. 

When you think of the word “sexy,” what comes to mind?  A lot of things  come to mind for me, I’m sure you as well, but two things that would never ever ever ever pop into my head to illustrate “sexy” are: the robot dance and clowns.

….What the actual fuck, T-ara?

The dance is just… horrible.  I know T-ara has this thing for retro dances and making them cool again, but I’m sorry, the robot?  That’s just desperate and pathetic.  And the rest of it is all moves that we’ve seen from T-ara a hundred times over that all just scream “boring.”

The outfits are just as bad.  The tuxedo-esque ones are clearly the rejects from “Lovey-Dovey.”  And the clown ones?  Do I even need to say anything about that?  Clown costumes?  I don’t even have words for that.  I mean, whoever the hell thought “Sexy… hmmm… CLOWNS!” needs to be fired.  Then re-hired, and fired again.  Fifty times over.  Also, a blonde afro on an Asian woman?  Seriously?

I would have liked the song if the lyrics weren’t so atrocious.  Here’s a google version of the chorus (I left out robots and clowns; you’re welcome):

Uhm, no, T-ara, I don’t know.  I can’t feel your love or heart.  Because robots have neither of those.  The word “sexy” makes me shudder now.  The song sounds like they’re desperately trying to remake “Lovey-Dovey” and “Roly Poly.”  They were so headed in the right direction with “Day by Day,” but this is a total flop after that.

This release is a huge mistake.  If that idiot Kim KwangSoo things that T-ara can recover from all of that drama this soon with a song and MV this horrible, then he deserves every single bit of the shit storm that is coming his way.  Every. Single. Bit.  I can’t find a single redeeming quality for this video.  Admittedly, had the drama of the past month not happened, I may have been able to find something to like here, but at this point, it’s pathetic.  Stop trying, T-ara.  It’s over and you just look sad now.



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2 09 2012
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