Old Song, New PV

3 09 2012

My favorite electropop group, Perfume, just released a PV for “FAKE IT,” the b-side off of the Nee single released almost two years ago.  I’m not 100% sure why this is just being released now, but check it out!

This song is my favorite of theirs in the past two years (although I have to admit “Communication” is a very close second).  I understand why they would want to make a PV out of it, it’s an incredible song without a dull moment.  The girls themselves have stated that it’s their favourite song to perform.

It’s very simple, just a concert shot and an outdoor shot to half of the song.  The concert has a really cool stage that looks almost like a dragon egg that the girls are performing in with a 360 degree camera filming it to offer some unique still shots.  I’ve always been surprised at the dance for this song.  It had a lot of potential, especially on the treble-blaring instrumental parts, but all they do is jump around on stage.  It seems very un-Perfume.  That’s not to say it’s bad, because they certainly look like they’re enjoying the hell out of themselves getting to let loose on stage, but it seems a bit unnatural for this tightly synced electropop group at the same time.

The outdoor shots are gorgeous.  The outfits are really sharp and stand out well.  The girls sing on a circle of lights that light up when someone is standing on them.  It makes for a very visually-pleasing shot.  It really contrasts greatly from the concert setting, effectively keeping your interest throughout the PV.

I was really excited to see that they made a PV for this, even if it is only like 1/2 of a real PV.  Songs like this are what prove that Perfume has a real chance to make it globally.  The unique and addictive sound you find in “FAKE IT” are absolutely what electropop fans around the world can pump their fists to.

As a side/closing anecdote, I’ve mentioned once or twice before on this blog (it was years ago) that I have an older brother who’s in a death prog metal band and is huge on metal music.  Well, recently he’s been into jazz and acid jazz, so I thought it might be worth it to show him Perfume.  The first song I had him listen to was “FAKE IT” and he was instantly hooked.  He actually listens to Perfume on his own these days.  He, a metal head, loves their 8bit sound and use of autotune as an instrument.  To me, that alone proved that Perfume has what it takes to make it globally.  You don’t need to understand the language if the music is just that good.



One response

3 09 2012

“You don’t need to understand the language if the music is just that good.”

Perfect quote right there.

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