It’s Heresy, I Know

4 09 2012

A year ago I would have literally shot myself for saying what I’m about to say.  Let me disclaim this by saying I only would want this if Reina was already out of the picture (graduated from Morning Musume).

Guys.  Michishige Sayumi needs to go solo.

I know what you’re thinking: girl can’t sing.  The fuck are you thinking, Tsuki?  No, she can’t sing.  I agree.  But let me have you first listen to the radio rip of her solo song off of Morning Musume’s upcoming 13th album:

If you are anything whatsoever of a pop fan, you will instantly think that song is just insanely catchy.  It opened my eyes to something: since the graduation of Takahashi Ai, Tsunku has been grooming Sayumi to be an electropop artist.  You’ve noticed she alone is heavily electronicized and auto-tuned every single, right?  And let’s not forget her duet with Fukumura Mizuki, “Suki da na Kimi ga,” one of the most electropop songs I’ve ever heard from H!P (also my favourite on the album):

When you’re dealing with electropop and auto-tune is as much as an instrument as the synthesizer, ability to sing doesn’t matter in the slightest.  Sayumin has everything else it has to make it big as a solo artist.  Like Koharu, she has a huge H!P fanbase.  Unlike Koharu, she’s huge outside of H!P as well.  She is the face of Morning Musume to non-H!P fans.  She is widely successful on variety shows as an idol herself, not as a member of Morning Musume, and has been working on her solo image for a couple years now.  She has developed a really unique and striking personality that even non-fans can’t help but be drawn to, either for the comedic value, her stunning looks, or her trademark “poison tongue.”

Also, the timing could not be more perfect. Electropop as a genre is huge and growing in Japan right now, especially with the added help of Vocaloid.  Speaking of which, remember that experimental single that Kikkawa You released with a Vocaloid version of herself?  I wouldn’t be surprised if Sayumin got a Vocaloid persona going solo.  Or, even better, can you imagine a Michishige Sayumi ft. Hatune Miku single?! *fangirl squee*

If they went down the path that they are with “Lalala to Bibibi”, then I can see Sayumin being hugely successful.  Besides Vocaloids, there are tons of electropop artists that would be orgasmic for her to collaborate with, not to mention producers that are always looking for a voice to fit their works.  A song that comes to mind is a really recent and popular Miku song, “ODDS&ENDS,” that would be ideal for a singer like Sayumi to collaborate with.

Besides just the perfect timing for the genre, Sayumin has the perfect look for a solo artist.

She is just stunning.  Absolutely gorgeous.  She doesn’t need a group of girls to make her look better (*cough* Gen9&10&S/mileage Gen2, I’m looking at you).  She just has that “star quality” that would make her successful, much like Koharu did, except tenfold more.

Now, for Michishige Sayumi to graduate and do this, like I said, Reina needs to be gone.  The ideal situation would be that Reina graduates this year or early next to do her band crap, and Sayumi stays for a little bit longer to help Mizuki prep to be leader, then dominate as a solo artist.  I would even settle for a dual graduation.  But the point is, Sayumi would make an amazing electropop solo artist.  I could see her being very successful, and it would open a plethora of opportunity for her and UFA, even if she stayed in Hello! Project (might be best if she didn’t).  I think Tsunku knows it, too; he’s not that dumb (I hope).



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4 09 2012
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5 09 2012

You…you’re…you….YES! THIS!!!! I never even thought of this, but honestly, this would completely pwn my socks off.

5 09 2012

RIGHT?! I so hope I’m right about Tsunku grooming her for this.

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