Trouble Could be Coming for Orange Caramel

11 09 2012

The lovely trio subunit of After School, Orange Caramel, is going to be releasing their first album soon.  They’ve started releasing teasers for the title song, “Lipstick”.  After several images, we have our first audio/visual teaser today:

I am so excited for this release.  Orange Caramel decked out in orange?!  God, that’s brilliant.  Silliness aside, this is the funky Orange Caramel we all fell in love with, so I really am quite looking forward to this release.  And it sounds great and all, but there’s one little, tiny issue that I’m extremely worried about.

The main synthesizer melody sounds like a slightly tweaked version of the synthesizer melody in T-ara’s week-old “Sexy Love”.  I made a side-by-side audio comparison to show you guys how close they are (lowered the pitch on “Lipstick”).  

T-ara “Sexy Love” vs. Orange Caramel “Lipstick”

Now, this really wouldn’t be much of a problem because a) I know I’m going to absolutely adore the sound on Orange Caramel and b) hated it on T-ara.  But, and this is a huge BUT, Kim Kwang Soo just absolutely LOVES drama.  And I would honestly be very, very surprised if he let this slip.  He particularly enjoys drama within his own company, but seeing how much attention the controversy got T-ara, I wouldn’t be surprised if he slammed Orange Caramel and Pledis for this.  Or even try and sue them for plagiarism.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the shit storm fly.



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11 09 2012
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12 09 2012

Oh gosh drama from that CEO again -_- Yawn. He needs to take T-ara out of the spotlight for a while because majority of people will side with Orange Caramel and honestly from that short teaser, more people will tend to like this more.

Btw, if you have time (you can vote daily too) can you help me out?

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