U-Kiss, Stopping Teenage Girls’ Hearts

20 09 2012

U-Kiss has released the “Black&White ver.” of the title song of their new minialbum (out today), “Stop Girl”.  …Yay?

I’m a huge fan of U-Kiss, as we all know, but I’m pretty torn on this release.

File:Stop Girl (U-Kiss).jpg

You may have noticed that rapper AJ is missing from this release.  He’s usually involved in the production side of U-Kiss releases, so it’s pretty interesting to hear what they’ve made without him while he’s attending university.  With AJ gone, Dongho is finally rapping again! Yay!  I’ve really missed Dongho’s rapping in the past couple releases.  He’s not much of a singer; his place is really rapping next to Eli.  Eli and AJ do have this incredible dynamic together rapping, I have to admit, but it’s nice to hear Dongho back again.  He’s not an “IN YOUR FACE” rapper like Eli or AJ (or most of Kpop), so his change in pace is really refreshing.

It seems with letting Dongho rap again has left his “singing” lines (if you could call them that) up for grabs.  Usually this would go to one of the leads, but ZOMG, they went to Kiseop!  I don’t think I’ve ever heard–or seen–him this much in a U-Kiss video!

U-Kiss releases "Stop Girl" MV teaser

He leads the entire opening dance sequence.  Usually in U-Kiss dance breaks, you get half the group and then the other half.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very captivating and unique, but this time, Kiseop splits them up and leads each side separately.  In a group of phenomenal dancers, it’s something to stand out.  He also gets a solo on each verse!  I mean, woah.  He rarely even gets a solo line, so two large ones is pretty awesome.  I had almost forgotten he was in U-Kiss until now!

U-Kiss has never used back dancers before, again because they’re just that good on their own.  Some groups, like SHINee, are just as good, but because of their small numbers, use back dancers anyway.  U-Kiss has both the talent and numbers, so it’s never really been necessary, especially in a music video.  But for this one they brought in four female dancers.  At first I raised my eyebrow at this, because why, but then…

They dance with the backdancers!  I think it’s pretty creative and adds a much-needed dynamic of GOD PLEASE ANYTHING DIFFERENT PLEASE to this video.  Note to self: Join NH Media as a backdancer to get sexytimes with Kevin.

There’s just a few things that are really taking away from this video for me.  First and foremost, the song.  It’s awful.  It’s so boring.  And God, so cheesy.  “Stop girl, in the name of love!” “Today is the day I’ll be flying away!” …seriously?  No, really, seriously?  GOD.  WHY.  Every other song on the minialbum is so much better, I just can’t understand why this was chosen to be the title track!  It would be just fine as album filler.  “Sexy Baby” is dubstep-influenced and really catchy, so even it would have been fine as the title (and gotten a lot more attention); but “Time to Go” is just gold.  It’s a really great song, perfectly mixes the slow beat with an up-beat and catchy melody.  It’s what “Stop Girl” is trying to be, but fails at.  I can understand not wanting to use the clock thing again, but they could have gone in so many other directions to make it different than “Tik Tak”, which they never promoted in Korea anyway, so who cares?

So we’re stuck with “Stop Girl”, such a blah song, and the music video is in black and white.  Are you trying to put me to sleep, U-Kiss?  Because damn, you’re doing such a good job.  It took a lot of dedication for me to sit and watch the music video all the way through.  I might not even have made it had Kevin’s dance not been just in the right spot to keep my attention.  I’m so sick of this formula we’ve been seeing from U-Kiss all year with Eli’s random nonsense English raps in the verses, an overly repetitive chorus, and way too many adlibs from Kevin, Soohyun, and Hoon.

Which brings me to a very important point.  U-Kiss has been releasing non-stop this year.  Literally non-stop.  Including digital releases, U-Kiss has had 17 releases this year.  17 in less than nine months.  With the exception of January and May, they’ve had a release every month, most months 3-4 releases, and they’ve been very scattered between Japan and Korea.  Have you ever seen a popular Kpop group release that much?  No, absolutely not.  They haven’t struck gold in Korea since “NEVERLAND” and have been so desperately trying to make themselves relevant again that they’ve just been saturating the markets and hoping something will stick.  The desperation is so evident that it’s rather sad.  Instead of trying constant releases (I mean, they have another album already coming out next month), they need to take a break, rest, let the boys breathe, let their producers breathe, and come out with something actually worth spending money on instead of this shit.  I’m sorry, I love them to death, but this song and video are just awful.  If one of the other songs on the album had been the title, the story may be different, but “Stop Girl” completely lacks originality and anything worth my attention.

Don’t believe me?  A lot of people are gushing over Dongho’s hair extensions.  But in case you’ve all forgotten, it was a trend set by G-Dragon in “Fantastic Baby”.

And to even further emphasize how old this trend is, even the rookie group NU’EST has done it.  Come on, U-Kiss, are you really so desperate that you’re picking up the scraps of rookie groups now?

Ren does not approve.

Even the part I liked the most, the female back dancers and Kevin’s solo with one of them, is clinging to somebody else’s idea.  Can anyone say BoA’s “Only One”?

And let’s not forget the entire “Black&White” concept for the music video.

Oh, hey there, just as remarkably boring Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” music video.

And are you seeing the pattern here?  U-Kiss isn’t just copying any Kpop idols, they’re copying the most popular and the largest sellers.  BIG BANG, Super Junior, BoA; these are some of the first names that come to mind for anyone when thinking Kpop.  Moreover, excluding Super Junior, they’re the largest names in Hallyu.  We get it, U-Kiss, we do, but this is pathetic.  Instead of trying and failing to ride the coattails of the great names before you, why can’t you just set your own trends?  I remember when U-Kiss was setting trends with having the first native English rappers (for boy bands), or incredibly unique and catchy dances in “Bingeul Bingeul” or “NEVERLAND”.

With all the releases of 2012, though, the quality has ceased.  They’re just vainly trying to get a #1 hit so badly that they’ll do whatever it takes.

All I have left to say is: stop [IN THE NAME OF LOVE].  Take the rest of 2012 off.  Then please come back with some of the good old mind-blowing U-Kiss that we fell in love with in 2013.  I’ll even take December.  Just, please, these awful never-ending releases need to stop.  I put myself out there trying to convert the blogosphere into U-Kiss fans in February, and ever since it’s been crap.  You all probably think I’m a nutcase.  I’m starting to think I was wrong.  U-Kiss, come on, prove me right!



2 responses

20 09 2012

Totally agreeeeeee. Why are they releasing so much!? D: I’m literally stuck on “Dear my Friend” back in July. And then I see they’ve released like 3 shits since then @_@ I swear, they decided to record all the songs and music videos in the same day and take time releasing all of them – .- They need to let me breathe! I can’t keep hitting the “download” button every 2 weeks DDDx

Lmfao, but seriously. Quality over quantity. Producers need to put some thought into what they’re releasing and stop the, “OMFG. MUST. HAVE. NUMBER. ONE. AGEEEEEEEEEHHHHHNNNN!”

20 09 2012

Yeah :/ They’ve been really desperate for a number one and trying WAY too hard.

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