Oh, I Wanna All Right.

24 09 2012

Guys, guys, guys.  Stop whatever the hell you’re doing.  One of the best TVXQ songs ever has just been released.


I’m not even sure how to describe how awesome this song and music video are.  I’m not even sure I have anything to complain about.  It’s been several years since I’ve fangirled so hard it was difficult to write constructively.

The most prominent part of this music video is the dance.  Wow, is it phenomenal.  All I could think about the whole time was how damn creative and innovative it was.  “Unique” is not a word coupled with Kpop dances much these dance, but leave it to TVXQ to prove us wrong.  In the past, they’ve been know for their intricate, high-energy dances, but I haven’t seen that since the fivesome became a duo.  Finally, though, with “Catch Me”, I feel like I’m not being cheated on TVXQ since the breakup.

I just can’t get over how creative this dance is.  The LED metal gauntlets were pretty bad ass to start off with, but then they fucking went and made it a dinosaur.  A DINSOSAUR OUT OF THEIR ARMS.  It lights up and roars and everything.  I mean, hjsadhjsakdhkjsalhdakdsa.  Mind=blown.  (At this point I feel the need to say, yes, I know it’s supposed to be a dragon to go with the Asian theme, but I like the idea of a dinosaur better.)  The backdancers are just as involved as the duo and there’s literally no dull moment in the dance.  The chorus is so captivating–the boys are reaching for each other, and in perfect synch the back dancers lower Yunho and bring up Changmin.  I mean… woah.  This is a dance that I would expect to see on ABDC.

I also love the Asian influence in the melody.  You don’t hear it much in the singing, but it’s definitely in the instrumental.  That’s also something that I would pin as “classic TVXQ”, except this doesn’t bore me.  The dubstep with it is so catchy.  And Yunho’s roboticized voice is such a nice touch.

I’ve felt that, since becoming a duo, Yunho’s really brought the pair down, and either Changmin would be best solo or with Yunho as strictly a rapper for him.  But this time around, I feel like Yunho really stepped up his vocals.  As he should, with no rap in the song.  He’ll never have Changmin’s range, but he took a big risk with the opening adlib and soloing two choruses.  He really delivered, too.  Changmin displays nothing we haven’t seen before, but I find his voice absolutely seductive, so I never mind hearing him.

The sets were either a bit too little or a bit too much, but considering this is an SM video, I think they’re some of the better sets we’ve seen.  The boys look sexy as always.  I can’t complain about too much here.

The only part that I felt like was really lacking was the ending move of the dance and the final shot of the video.  It’s the same fist bump that ended “Keep Your Head Down”.   Been there, done that.  I could think of a hundred better ending moves to the epic of this song, my favourite is the backdancers trying to raise them from the floor and TVXQ reaching for each other, but then falling to the ground and ending there.


Y U NO Guy

But srsly guys.  This song is flawless.  This is definitely my favorite duo!TVXQ song, and probably in the top 5 of my favorite TVXQ songs ever.  I hope they keep it epic like this!




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