7 10 2012

In a month, Kikkawa You will release a cover album.  But not just any album. Oh no.  A VOCALOID COVER ALBUM, titled “Vocalist?”.  I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’m really into Vocaloid music because I’ve really been on an electronic kick for a year or so and Vocaloid has some phenomenal shit.  When you get the good producers with a program that can synthesize what’s too difficult or expensive for a human to do… they get creative in the most amazing way.

Anyway.  Kikkawa You is doing a cover of songs by Vocaloid producers!  EPIC.  I don’t recognize any of the songs right off the bat, but I know a lot more Vocaloid songs by their sound than their names, so maybe once it’s out I’ll be like “OMG WHAT I LOVE THIS SONG AND I LOVE KIKKA THIS IS AWESOME.”  The only producer I recognize is MSR, but that doesn’t hinder my excitement either.  I have a feeling this album will be absolutely phenomenal.

It goes on sale November 7th.  So keep your calendars marked.  It’s been a long while since I’ve done an album review.  This one may be it.




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8 10 2012

Hello! I was able to translate the tracklist and figure what original artist sang each song!

1. Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo – Moritaka Chisato
2. Itoshia to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to – Shinohara Ryoko
3. Kaze Tachinu – Matsuda Seiko
4. Secret Base ~Kimit ga Kureta Mono~ – ZONE
5. Maji Koisuru Gobyomae – Hirosue Ryoko
6. Samishii Nettaigyo – Wink
7. 17sai – Minami Saori
8. Daite Hold on Me! – Morning Musume
9. Shoujo A – Nakamori Akina
10. Nancy of Summer – Hayami Yu
11. Graduation – Yuki Saito
12. Love Namida Iro – Matsuura Aya

The songs appear to all be old idol songs so I don’t think that makes it a cover of Vocaloid SONGS but maybe they’ll have a Vocaloid style to them with the help of those Vocaloid producers! But it’s exciting to hear Kikka’s covering these songs; I didn’t know about this so thanks for posting!

8 10 2012

I could read them, I just didn’t recognize any titles is what I meant by that. Also, it’s like a collaboration with Vocaloid producers according to the site.

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