It Has to be Said…

10 10 2012

I’m sure at some point over the past several weeks you guys have seen the songs released by “AKB48 Team Surprise” which is a shuffle of the members for a new single each week.  I’m not sure how long it’s going on for, it reminds me of Koda Kumi’s 12 singles in 12 weeks back in 2005/2006, so maybe it’s for 12 weeks.  I forgot, to be honest.

It started off pretty well.  “Jyuryoku Sympathy” is pretty catchy.  Has Acchan.  Not a lot to complain about there.  Typical AKB48 and a nice way to ease us out of Acchan.  

Then we got “Suiyoubi no Alice”, which I adore.  It’s adorable (what were you expecting, Mayuyu is in it) to the extreme and addictive.  It has a great singalongability.  But then it all started to go downhill…

The next week gave us “Sono Mama de”.  I knew it was going to be a hit or miss because Itano Tomomi was on it; don’t get me wrong, I love her solo releases, but I feel that she’s really detrimental to a group.  I was open-minded about it, though.  But from the first sung parts, this song is just awful.  It had potential to be great, but it’s awful, and I’m not 100% sure this is the fault of the girls.

This is the beginning of the mixer’s nightmare that is Team SURPRISE.  Yes, I’m talking about the quality of the audio mixing here.  I’ve been doing amateur audio mixing for almost ten years now, not like DJing, but this kind of stuff–mixing voices to music.  And this is awful.  This is not something that should be put for people to spend money.  This is what I would expect of a newbie in the online karaoke world.  I can’t believe Aki-P put this out for the public to actually purchase.  It feels like a slap in the face.  The girls aren’t even mixed sync.  The hard syllables are painful to listen to because they’re just split-seconds off.  I know, I know, how hard it can be to get that perfect, but these are professionals, and that should not even be on the radar of problems.

Beyond that, the “please don’t change” parts of lyrics are off-key, in addition to a couple other parts.  I mean, what?  Is this song really out there for monetary value?  It may be the girls just sucking at staying on-key, which is likely, but they should have a vocal coach THERE at the STUDIO when they’re RECORDING.  Off-key is what you expect live, not on a purchasable recorded track.  Someone should have been able to catch that, and at very least auto-tune it into key.

I was so shocked at the over all horrid quality of this song, especially from Japan’s number-one idol group.  I can’t even fathom why this happened.  If the one single a week deal is too much pressure, they need to hire more help.  It’s not like they can’t afford it.  *sigh* So I tried to have more hope for the next week…

I was excited for this one.  I figured there was no way they’d dupe us two weeks in a row, and I love these girls–they have some of the strongest voices in AKB.  So week four gave us “Namida ni Shimizu Taiyou.”

And I was just floored.  The mixing was shit again!  This song would have been amazing and beautiful–everything is in key this time, including the harmonies, but the mixing is off again.  I’m not sure you’re getting how much rage this fills me with.  I just cannot believe that two releases in a row, AKB-fucking-48 released this low-quality shit.  I’ve heard this low-quality of mixing from Momoiro Clover, but a) that was in their early days, and b) they are no where near the level of AKB48.  Do I need to emphasize that this is the number-one idol group IN THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY?!

I wanted to give up after week 4, but that cover is so cute and the title is so intriguing that I had to give week 5’s “Kimi no C/W” a chance.  As you may have guessed from the cover with Mayuyu as center again, of course this is another cutesy song.  After two mature songs, though, I didn’t mind to much.  The song is awesome again, very adorable and catchy yet again.  It’s a huge improvement in the mixing department from the past two weeks as well.  However, it’s still not perfect.  Which it should be.  I should not be able to pick apart the flaws in mixing from any professional song, especially one of the likes of AKB48.  The hard syllables are once again out of sync.  But it wasn’t as bad as the previous weeks.  So my hope was restored, and I went into this week’s song with my chin held high.

I was so excited for the song today based on that cover, it has my oshimen and several strong voices.  The title, like many of the others, had me intrigued as well, with week 6’s “1994nen no Raimei”.

But fucking shit.  This is just as bad as weeks 3 and 4.  I mean, it’s all on-key, and the song is pretty good, but THE MIXING.

It makes me SO ANGRY that they ruined this song!  This is the first week since one with TakaMina and they ruined it with that horrid mixing.  The harmonies are off from the melody, and the girls’ voices are all off timing just enough to drive me insane.

I wanted to wait until all the singles were released to review any of them, but I just can’t keep quiet about this.  I fee betrayed and insulted that Aki-P would actually try and sell anyone this shit.  I am absolutely infuriated.  Maybe from MomoClo, maybe even from S/mileage, but not fucking AKB48.  That just hurts.



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11 10 2012
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5 04 2013
Alisa (Maeda Saki)

OMG Kanacchi you live Suiyoubi too? I thought I was the only one who did.

6 04 2013

I adore it 😀

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