I don’t need a man!

15 10 2012

Yesterday miss A made their comeback after a decent 8-month break with a new song and music video, “I don’t need a man.”

You might be tempted to not watch it all the way through, but trust me guys, this video is well worth sitting until the end.

I think the song is pretty boring.  It’s not awful, in fact I think it’s a million times better than “Goodbye Baby”, which I still hate.  It’s just not great.  While “Touch” may have been a better song, this has one of the best videos I’ve seen from miss A.  And one of the best dances.  This is that group that made a fierce entrance onto the market with “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe”, captivating songs that had us all in awe, not the half-assed crap releases we’ve had for the past year.

I can’t agree with the message too much, I mean, I’m all for independence as a woman, anyone who knows me will tell you that, but it depicts men as only a source for material value.  “I don’t need a man because I make my own income!”  Yes, it’s great to be able to afford your own luxury goods, but that’s not the point of a relationship in the first pace.  But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway.  While the song may be a bit mundane and unable to stand on its own, paired with the dance and music video, it really stands out.  The dance is really energetic and up-beat compared to the song.  There’s a lot of fluid movement that is  choreographed, but looks like the girls have plenty of freedom to move around.

The girls all look stunning in every single outfit. I’ve always disliked a member or two in miss A videos as far as their look is concerned, but this time they all look great!  …Anyone else getting a Crystal Kay vibe from Fei? (It’s totally the hair.)

I also think the rap is down-right the best rap we’ve ever heard from miss A.  Period.  It’s the best part of the song.  I love than Min raps, but Jia is so powerful and really shows off her skills with a really fast rap, something we’re hearing more and more from guy groups, but is still a hidden gem in girl groups.

Speaking of Jia.  I think she may be my favorite again after this video.  She rarely sings these days, and she got to in this song, and sounded perfect.  And her raaaaaaaaaap.  Guys, her rap.  I paid attention to her solo shots more than anyone.  If you think Jia, I highly doubt “princess” comes to mind, but her frolicking around in a princess dress was just brilliant.  And shit, her solo dance at the end.  Damn.  I had been leaning toward Suzy the past couple videos, but after this one, Jia’s definitely #1 again.

But I have to say, guys, the best part about this video is, without a doubt, one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen from Kpop.  Can you guess what it is?  Oh, yes.


The fingerstache.  Thank you, Suzy, for making my life a little bit better.



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15 10 2012
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17 10 2012

A lot of people were expecting something fierce from miss A. Honestly, I was too but this suits miss A because it’s cute, R&B style and quite nice.

Like you said it’s good but were people expecting something mind blowing and amazing? Because let’s face it, they are a K-Pop group with not much choice of what song they get to choose for their comebacks and what to do in their MV’s. The K-Pop industry is way too controlled for us to get something out of it good that we want all the time.

I still think the song and MV is good. I cannot wait to learn the dance 😀

17 10 2012
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