Boy You Gotta Be Aware!

17 10 2012

Newbie singer Ailee released the music video for her new song “I will show you” yesterday.

Holy shit.  This girl is fierce.  


I’m having a hard time calling her a “rookie” because she is so damn good.  If all these rookie groups and singers had even half her talent, I might be inclined to give a shit or two.  I loved Ailee’s debut single “Heaven”, but didn’t get into it until months after release.  I’m glad I caught this one early on.

I’m getting a little bit of a Taylor Swift vibe from the video, which is a major downer for me, but this song is so much better than anything I’ve heard from the Western pop diva.

When the song started, I thought were were in for a “Heaven”-esque ballad.  Still, I thought it sounded beautiful.  Ailee has a strong and passionate voice.  You know, nice in ballads.  I hadn’t heard her ever do a fast dance song.  But then you hit the first chorus.

And damn.  She has so much power!  This song is still giving me the chills it’s just so good.  I got a serious Tina Turner vibe from the chorus, and that’s something.  It’s really dynamic as well, with several strong, fast-paced parts versus the slow piano chunks.  It makes for an actually interesting song that doesn’t get boring after two listens.  In fact, I haven’t stopped listening to it since I started writing this.  Her fierce adlibs keep the second and third chorus captivating.  It’s seriously a brilliant song.  Something I wish we had more of in Kpop these days: unformulaic and unique.

I love the message delivered as well.  This is what I was hoping for with miss A’s “I don’t need a man”.  Ailee doesn’t even need to say it directly to get it across.  The lyrics encourage women to move on from scumbag men and get stronger from it, not let it bring them down.  While the music video tells a different story, trust me, the lyrics have it right.  Which confuses me a bit, actually.  The lyrics say one thing, but the music video has her going back to the scumbag (MBLAQ’s G.O.) in the end, completely contradicting the lyrics.  But I’ll overlook those last few seconds because everything else is so solid.

I’m going to make a bold statement here; feel free to disagree.  This is the best music video by a Kpop soloist I have ever seen.  And that includes BoA and Lee Hyori.  Ailee is by far the strongest singer I have ever heard in the genre.  She is simply stunning.  This girl is seriously going places.



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17 10 2012
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6 02 2013

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