I want it, want it!

27 11 2012

Berryz Koubou has also just released a new PV that I didn’t even know was supposed to come out.  Huh.  This feeling has an overwhelming theme of “mature” in every aspect.  They want us to start thinking of them as women and not the girls we’ve seen grow up for the past seven years, and are showing this side of themselves to the world with “WANT!”.  

Oh, who am I kidding?  They’ve been trying to shove this image at us for some time now.  Tsunku been testing the waters for a while in Berryz, with releases like “Dakishimete Dakishimete”, “Heroine ni Narou ka!”, and “Aa, Yo ga Akeru”.  But this PV feels a little more definite than those.  Are we done with the group that gave us the monkey song and made their own superhero alter egos?  You can never be sure with Berryz, but I think the mature image is going to be around for a while.

The dark setting, the sexy outfits, and the raunchy dance moves are reflect this.  But I’m not complaining.  I’ve said it what feels like a hundred times now, but I know a lot of people in the wotasphere are really hating this electronic phase Tsunku is in, but I’m still loving it.  Yes, this song does feel like a bit of rehash for H!P lately.  But I love Berryz more than all, so I don’t mind.

What I do mind, though, is the serious lack of Yurina (vocally) in this song.  We see her plenty–nope, wait, just the lower part of her body.  Apparently the crew couldn’t be bothered to adjust the camera to fit in Yurina’s head.

Yes, I get it, Yurina is tall.  But it’s the crews job not to let shit like this happen.  She’s more than just a great pair of legs, damnit.

Also, Risako, darling.  Your hair just keeps getting worse.  Please just dye it black or brown again.  Koolaid is not and will never be a good method or dying your hair.

Did anyone else besides me rejoice that Momoko lost those horrendous pigtails??  It’s been a couple releases since we’ve seen her look like a human and not a doll.

I like the song, I do, but it’s a bit repetitive.  I think the dance saves it–or what little of it we can see from this PV.  I also think the concept is really interesting and–brace yourselves–unique for Hello! Project.  We’ve never seen a set quite like this before.  The rotating stage is pretty interesting.  Once again I wish I was on the creative team here, because I think if all the girls walked around between the duets and the solos like Yurina did it would have really been astonishing.

Overall, I don’t love this, but I’m far from hating it.  It just keeps me on my toes for what Berryz will release next!



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27 11 2012
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28 11 2012

Even though Momoko lost the pigtails, I still prefer her hair down not like that. But I actually think Risako’s hair colour looks MUCH better now. Still do not like her facial expressions much >__<

I quite like the song (except the autotune) and the dance as well, the sets were a little too bright but I guess that's to make their outfits stand out when you compare the dance set. Surprised that the length of their heels, that really shocked me but I love the dances on Risako, Saki, Yurina and Massa the most.

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