TVXQ – Humanoids

27 11 2012

Oh my God, look!, TVXQ released an alternate version music video for “Catch Me”!


When the preview for “Humanoids” was released, I thought it sounded an awful lot like the the song they just released three months ago, but I was hoping I would be proven wrong.

I wasn’t.

The sad part is, I would have really liked both this song and dance had neither been a complete rehash of the previous release.  Everything is so… similar.  It makes it incredibly hard to enjoy this video.  Which I don’t.  They took out the Asian influence and made it even more blah.  They could have at least thrown in a rap or adlibs or something.  What do you want to bet that the rest of the songs on the album are the same as the last CD as well?

TVXQ is better than this, SM.  They are becoming Super Junior–more of the same boring shit every release.  That’s not how you repay the loyalty of your fans or gain new listeners.  Japan knows it.  It’s only a matter of time before the rest of South Korea does, too.

Also, does SM even know what humanoid means?  I doubt it, and they probably just picked a word out of the dictionary that they thought sounded cool, also like all of Super Junior’s releases.  The lyrics talk about the future of the human race, and I think they’re actually pretty post-apocalyptic and intriguing  but they have literally nothing to do with humanoids.  What exactly is humanoid about anything in this video, SM?  Really?

Oh, wait.  There is one thing that struck me.

They book look completely emotionless and soulless.  Was that on purpose?  I doubt it, even if it is the only thing that pertains to the name of the song in the entire video.

Alas, I think we, the fans of TVXQ, need to accept the fact that TVXQ has been placed in the box with Super Junior of idols that were the name of Kpop that are now machines churning out crap release after crap release.

Hey, maybe that’s what they meant by humanoid.



One response

28 11 2012

I was absolutely disappointed with this MV myself. I feel like SM has given up on DBSK after the split and not made an effort with this repackage. I would like some more Before U Go next time please, SM. This song just sounds like Android to me :/

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