Help me!! …No, Seriously, I need help.

23 12 2012

Holy shit.  Morning Musume just released the dance shot for their newest single, a la Wakuteka, called “Help me!!”

Remember that time when I thought “Wakuteka Take a Chance” had the best choreography I’d ever seen from the group?

Yeah, I take that back.  This is by far the best I have ever seen Morning Musume.  

And the song is so good.  I can even forgive the worst outfits I’ve ever seen on single because this song and dance are so phenomenal.

No, seriously.  Those horrible outfits make Haruka and Kanon look like they weight 200 pounds.  And what an eyesore.  Whoever thought that was a good idea ought to be fired.  Also, the green screen background is pretty awful.  It looks cheesy with the moon and when the city comes alive, the background is just incredibly distracting.  The video is a bit too zoomed out; I would have appreciated them moving in the couple of feet on the edges that they don’t use at any point.  Yet another eyesore.

But I digress.  Within the first few seconds of the video my jaw literally dropped.  I didn’t think they’d be able to top “Wakuteka”, to be perfectly honest.  But boy.  The choreography is so intricate and precise and am I saying this for two videos in a row from Morning Musume?  I suppose I am.

So.  Unique.

I’m actually at a loss for words at how good the choreography is.  Can you imagine Morning Musume 5 years ago trying something at this level?  Or even 10?  I’m starting to see the advantage of all the young girls.  I had no idea that this was the direction they where headed, which is why I disliked the new generations so much when they joined.  But Tsunku is turning Morning Musume into a group competitive in today’s market; he’s completely refreshed their image.  Five years ago Morning Musume would never have been on the top of anyone’s list of best idol dance groups, but I think now they stand a chance.

When the song started, I thought we were headed for “Tokaikko Junjou 2.0” from Sakura’s monolouge, but this is a whole new level.  What I really like about this song is that it feels new, but still Morning Musume.  That’s not to say that the past few singles haven’t felt like the group to me, but they’ve just felt really “out with the old, in with the new”, if you get what I mean.  But this song is different.  It feels like the old-school Musume sound put to these generations’ music.  I don’t think they could have blended the two any better and I’m absolutely loving it.

Speaking of Sakura, I’m pleasantly surprised by her in this song.  A) I thought that she was going to be half the song with Riho, so I’m really glad she wasn’t.  And B) Her two solos were really well-done.  Her voice is very strong and there’s no squeakyness that every single other member has.  I’m thoroughly impressed by her and look forward to her from now on.

As far as the other solos go, I was also pleasantly surprised by the diversity of them.  Still hoping for a Kanon solo some day, but I’ll take what I can get.  There were a couple Ayumi solos, and that was awesome, but really.  Mizuki.  Wow.  She really surprised me.  I can’t believe they gave her such a vocally challenging part and even more surprised that it sounds so good.  It sounds better than Riho’s, honestly.

I’ve got to say, I’m so glad Tsunku changed this group when he did, because if you remember, I was done with Morning Musume.  But ever since “Renai Hunter”, they’ve been doing nothing but getting better and better and constantly one-upping themselves.  I mean, if this single is this amazing, what about the next one?  I’m excited for Morning Musume’s releases again, and it’s been years since I’ve been able to say that.



5 responses

23 12 2012

I think 10 years ago, they could have done a choreography like this, I think XD I love the dance shot! I really like how synchronised they are at dancing to this choreography. Although it’s not my favourite dance (I favour OTT more but this is definitely better than WTaC), I did like it overall. I did find it hard to tell Sakura and Erina apart dancing at some points so Sakura’s solo spotlight was a bit confusing for me. Loved Mizuki’s parts, girl is flawless and gorgeous.

Still don’t like the skirts but I guess the pink is not that bad. The background effects doesn’t even bother me at all, I like it.

24 12 2012

I don’t think it was beyond the capability of the members, but they had the same choreographers for YEARS and they wouldn’t have put in the unique moves. It was lots of the same old blah for years in MoMusu, even in their golden age. What made them worth it was the girls and the music, never the dancing.
I agree, it was really difficult to tell Sakura and Erina apart. But Jesus knows Erina’s voice is no where near that strong or controlled. That’s how I told them apart on the solos.
Mizuki has seriously improved. I think she’d make an awesome lead singer in the group, especially once a) Reina’s gone, and b) she’s leader (which I’m sure is coming next year or the year after).
The pink is okay. It’s my favourite colour, so I never mind pink in outfits. It’s 100% the leopard print and the design of the outfits that sucks.
Thanks for the comment, love!

24 12 2012

Yay Morning Musume is back and better than ever!!!
THANK YOU TSUNKU for actually giving Sakura a good song to debut to..
Iagree with you the choreography is insanely good!!!
It seems like they are a professional dance group!! =0
i don’t know why you don’t like the outfit though…
i personally think its unique and gives them the edginess they need to stand out from the countless idols out there. In conclusion its an awesome song with an awesome choreography. Color me impressed!
I’m looking forward to more Morning Musume reviews from you next year xD

24 12 2012

I think they have a long way to go to be as good as groups like Fairies or SNSD as far a dancing is concerned, but this is very good for them in general.
I first saw the outfits in individual shots, and while some of them are cute I suppose (Ayumi, Haruka), Riho and Kanon look like oompa loompas. It makes them look HUGE. Which is not okay ever in costuming. So.
I’m really looking forward to Morning Musume next year! Thanks for the lovely reply!

24 12 2012

It really is amazing how much MM has transformed itself in the span if less than a year. It’s like Tsunku finally said, “F-this. Lets blow the roof off this sucka!” And, with the girls being so young the group has the capability to mold itself into something unexpected. Contrast this with the platinum era, where the girls felt comfortable and things settled into a status quo.

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