What a Pleasant Surprise! °C-ute’s “Kanashiki Amefuri”

21 06 2013

Earlier today, °C-ute released the music video (anyone else notice they stopped calling them promotional videos?) for one of the double a-side’s to their new single, “Kanashiki Amefuri.”  Based on their fixation with ballads as a-sides in this group within the last year or two, I was fully expecting another one with this song because a) the title, and b) the other a-side, “Adam to Eve no Dilemma”, is a face-pasted dance song, so I expected them to counter that with a ballad.  Alas!  It’s not!  It’s another dance track!  I’d say the chorus is a bit more docile than its’ title buddy, but a little variety is good.

Another reason I expected to not like this video was that the opening setting was the set of a photoshoot with a plain white background and blah.  And generally, these mean extremely boring videos in Hello! Project.  But again, what a pleasant surprise!  I have very few complaints about the song and music video!

First of all, these

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.38.53 AM


Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.47.08 AM


Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.49.02 AM

WONDERFUL.  Seriously, just some flawless styling for everyone in the group for once.  I think it’s easier to make everyone look good in °C-ute compared to the other three main H!P groups because there’s only 5 of them, so you can have variety without anyone looking ridiculous.  Maimai’s black unitard is a little strange, but I think she pulls it off as well, so I can’t really complain.  It’s just a little momsy.

The song is a little… formulaic of everything we’ve heard from °C-ute lately, but I still think it’s catchy.  I’ll definitely have this one on my iPod playing frequently.  I think Tsunku’s found this style works for this group, and just so slightly varies it from single to single.  Normally that makes me cringe, and bro we need some variety sometime or these are going to stop selling, but over all, I like this song.  As I said, the chorus is a bit slower than the rest of the song, which makes it kind of strange, and makes the ending hard to sit through without that crazy dance to accompany it.

Speaking of, that dance is just great.  The other day I was wondering if this was the same flailing group of girls that gave us that hilariously adorable try of a music video back in 2005 of “Massara Blue Jeans.”  I mean, they’re definitely H!P’s dance group at this point.  Some members of Morning Musume are exceptional, as are some of Berryz Koubou who have also improved as a whole, but no group is as solidly skilled as °C-ute (we aren’t even going to talk about the flailbots of S/mileage).  Their dances just keep getting more advances and more ambitious.  I was shocked with all the floor work on “Aitai Aitai Aitai na”, and the arm movements in this one surprise me as well.  With any other H!P group, this would have been one serious hot mess of a dance (S/mileage, I’m looking at you).  But °C-ute is just so crisp and precise with difficult movements such as these.  Again, I’m sure it’s also partially because there’s only 5 members, so there’s less room for mistakes and it’s easier for them to watch every other member and keep themselves together.  But I also think their skill level is just way higher than their sister groups.  And I seriously admire Airi and Chisato for having such great control of their voices, because a dance with that many big movements is literally breathtaking for a singer.  They amaze me.

The part I like the least is the excessive posing.  It would have gotten really boring had the transitions between shots and set changed not been so well edited and captivating (again, shocking for a H!P video, I know).  Even with that, I thought that the rain shots are also some of the best I’ve seen in H!P.  They definitely beat half of Platinum Era Morning Musume’s in “Naichau Kamo” (Junjun bb, ilusfm, but that was laughable).

But seriously.  Hagiwara Mai.  Learn.  To.  Act.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.59.43 AM

That, whatever the hell that is, is not sad.  At least I certainly don’t laugh and giggle when I’m sad and crying in the rain (okay, I’ve never cried in the rain, but I doubt I would be laughing if I did).

On that note!  How did you like “Kanashiki Amefuri”?  Are you sick of this formula with °C-ute yet or is it still jiving with you?



3 responses

23 06 2013

The dance, clothes and song is good. The MV is just a usual H!P MV but I’m still very impressed with this double A-side song 🙂

3 07 2013
Alisa (Maeda Saki)

Yeah, I love Kanashiki Amefuri, too. Everyone looks and sounds awesome ❤

C-ute's definitely been getting better, IMO.

12 07 2013
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