30 Day Idol Challenge 11 ~Solo Idol~

11 02 2012

Day eleven of the 30 Day Idol Challenge/Idol Month is who is your favorite solo idol?  This makes it hard for me to draw the line between what is an idol and what isn’t.  Ah, all of these days have been really hard for me to pinpoint exactly what the prompt is. Damn.

If you count the likes of Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki as idols, then they would probably be my favorites.  But I’m not entirely sure they count as idols?  I’ve never heard someone refer to any of the 5QUEENS as idols.  If this is members of groups who release solo singles, then my favorite is probably Song Jieun from Secret.  I would say Lee Hyori, but she’s been on hiatus too long for me to remember why I love her (hint: PLEASE MAKE A COMEBACK HYORI).

So, that leaves one other favorite solo idol.  At least I think she can still be counted as an idol.  It’s…

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2009 Predictions

31 12 2008

Well, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, so I figure it’s time to do the predictions for next year.  These are mostly H!P-based, but I’m going to venture to other idols this year too.

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Ayumi Hamasaki- GUILTY

24 12 2007

Well… I never really expected myself to review anything but H!P and Suju (although I do listen to other music, just not enough to review), but here I am!  I downloaded Ayu’s new album, GUILTY, yesterday.  Although, I have no idea how people got it–it doesn’t come out for another week.  Nonetheless, I somehow have it and I absolutely love it.  Seriously.  This album is my new favorite thing.  I’m contemplating buying it I love it so much.

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