Hold Up. Rewind. Restart.

12 01 2012

Oh hey, guys.  It’s been a little while.  What’s that?  A whole year?  Oh… huh… I tried to get back into blogging but I think school just ate my life.  Luckily I have a piece of cake semester coming up here, so I think I can do what I’ve been wanting to for about two years now: seriously start getting back into blogging.  I miss you guys, I miss the blogosphere and wotasphere and being bitchy and snarky about everything and anything J- or K-related.

Because I still am pretty much constantly disappointed with Hello! Project, I want to change the name of my blog …again… to something not Hello! Project-related.  Any ideas?

What you should expect to see here: I might post how disappointed and disgusted I am with Morning Musume, C-ute, and Mano Erina every once in a while.  I have generally liked Buono!, Berryz Koubou, and S/mileage throughout the past couple years.  I don’t watch many dramas these days, but I’ll review them if I do.  Also, expect a hefty amount of Kpop reviews and rants.  😀  I’ve gotten pretty into AKB (BUT I STILL DON’T KNOW THEIR NAMES.  GAH.) and other idol groups that are far superior to anything in Hello! Project, such as: 9nine, Momoiro Clover-Z, and anything from avex.

It would take me a year to catch up on everything I’ve missed, so I apologize that I’ve taken such a long, unannounced hiatus, but I’m going to start getting back into this.  Hopefully for a bit longer this time!

❤ Tsukiki

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