K-Round Up: Secret, Miryo, and B.A.P.

2 02 2012

So we’ve gone through one month of 2012, and it’s already turning out awesome in the land of Kpop.  I’m continuing to look at new artists, this time sucked it up and watched B.A.P.’s debut video, “Warrior.”  Also, Miryo (rapper of Brown Eyed Girls)’s solo debut is FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY out!  Even though it’s not technically Kpop, I sat through the entire MV for Secret’s “Kore Kurai no Sayonara” as well.  It’s in the K-round up because, well… Secret’s a Korean group.  (But last J-Round Up had a Kpop group, Tsukiki!!  To which I say, irrelevant.)   Read the rest of this entry »

K-Round Up: Sunny Hill, MBLAQ, Rainbow Pixie, T-ara, and Teen Top

16 01 2012

Just like my H!P Roundup, to save a ton of posts and time, I’m rounding up the latest Kpop music videos into one post.  For the most part, I’m thoroughly impressed with the latest releases, which means Kpop’s 2012 is off to a great start!

Sunny Hill – In Praise of the Grasshopper

I’ll start with my favorite of this batch.  I started to notice this group when they did “Mamma Mia” with Narsha, and it was a very, very bad impression.  In fact, it was by complete chance that I stumbled upon “Midnight Circus” and I was hooked.  It’s such a good song and so very different.  That’s what I like about Sunny Hill, they are very different from your normal Kpop act.  This release is the first I’ve heard with their male member, Janghyun.  While it’s not a huge part, he writes the incredibly intriguing music for the group.   Read the rest of this entry »

TOP! Part 7 – Kpop Girl Groups

1 12 2009

Disclaimer: I know there are many, many more girl groups than the ones I have listed here.  I know I missing some of the big ones like Kara and T-ara.  But I don’t care.  This is a ranking of the ones I’ve heard.

It’s been almost a year since the last installment into my TOP! series, so I figured I would do another.  I’ve been really into Kpop lately, so here’s a ranking of the top 7 (for part 7!  hahaha I’m so witty) Kpop girl group that I’ve listened to (boys shall come later, fear not).

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