Jumping on the Bandwagon (Taetiseo – Twinkle)

30 04 2012

All the other large girl groups that are SNSD’s competition (After School, Rainbow) are making subgroups to saturate the market.  This way, instead of trying to coordinate 9 different schedules to one comeback, the companies can just pick three of them and save themselves tons of effort.  And since everyone else is doing it, so is SNSD!

Unlike Orange Caramel and it’s doppelganger Rainbow Pixie, however, SNSD broke away from the cutesy/magic sound (kind of) and decided to put their vocal powerhouses together for a unique concept.  Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are the members of SNSD’s very first subunit.  They just released their first music video, “Twinkle!”  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out under the cut! Read the rest of this entry »

Can. Not. Wait.

18 03 2012

A music video teaser for SHINee’s new album Sherlock has finally been released!  GAH.  I CANNOT WAIT.  I wouldn’t hesitate to say SHINee is my favorite K-boy group.  Although their Japanese shit sucks ass, they’ve always had real quality Korean releases and the teasers for Sherlock up to this point seem to fall en suite!

The dance looks like it will be awesome, the set is a typical awkward SM set, and TAEMIN IS SHERLOCK!  SQUEE.

SM has several teasers up of the boys being silly on the set and a highlight series from the album, so if you’re not subscribed to SM Ent on youtube, you should be!  Go get excited for SHINee’s comeback THIS WEEK!!!!!

(Although if you don’t want 40 EXO teasers on your front page, I completely understand.)

That a [little] more like it…

8 03 2012

EXO has released another music video!  But don’t get too excited, it’s just another teaser.  What are we on, 208 by now?  I’m bored.

However, it’s a much more up-beat and interesting style than their last “prolouge single”, “What is Love?”.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the music video for “History (Korean Ver.)” below!

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SM’s Latest’s Debut Music Video

30 01 2012

The past couple weeks, Kpop’s biggest label, SM Entertainment, has been teasing us with videos of their newest boy band, EXO.  They’ve shown us dancing, acting, and itsy bitsy snippets of singing with 30-some teasers (it was only 12 you say? pish posh) to get us pumped for EXO’s debut.  So when finally a music video pops up on my subscription feed, I was ecstatic.  The songs from the teasers sounded really catchy and the dancing looked hot.  Oh, and Kai.

Mmmmm, yeah, that one.  Yup, I was excited.  Aaaaaaaaaaaand then I watched it.

Excitement level: dead.

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