Uh. What?

25 03 2012

I’ve been an AKB48 fan for years.  I haven’t blogged much about them because… well, I was always more concerned about H!P and I didn’t know any of their names, so “the one with this coloured bow” became a bit difficult to blog about.  However, last year I started to get really attached to the group when their singles got really awesome and Morning Musume’s became really awful.  I started to learn names and develop favorites in AKB.  And the first of both of those was Maeda Atsuko….

Who just announced her graduation from the group.  She’s been the most popular member nearly from the start and has been in every single the group has ever released.  I mean, what?  I know she’s busy, but damn, she’s the top of the top.  Maeda Atsuko is a household name.  The most popular member of the most popular idol group in Japan?  Good God.  It’s evident that this was her own choice, but I don’t know what Aki-P is thinking letting her go through with this…. I’m super depressed.

I wish her luck in acting, which is what I’m assuming she’s leaving to focus on… but I don’t care for her as much in acting as I do in AKB.  Ugh.  I hate graduations.

Takamina, if you even as much as think about graduating, there will be hell.

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