Intro and No Pink?!

24 08 2007

Hello~ I’m Tsuki/Kiki (squeeshed into “Tsukiki”), a member of the ever-growing Sekai no Melody and producer of Mignon! Project (online karaoke group).  I decided to join the blogging bandwagon. 

The title of this blog, VERY BEAUTY, came from the 13th single title from my favorite group, Berryz Koubou, a teen pop group under Hello! Project.  Even though it’s really one of my least favorite Berryz singles… it kind of grows on you after a while.  Actually, it’s really hard for me to not like almost any song after listening to it a few times.  But that’s nonsequitor. 

 Okay.  So.  Pink.  Pink is my all-time favorite colour (yes, I spell it “colour”, not “color”).  As so, I was very upset to find that there was only one pink theme for wordpress.  Lame!!  And it has flowers.  I hate floral designs (most of them).  I wish they had something cute and pink.  ._. 

 And since this entire post is pretty unorganized, I’ll just end it with what this blog is about.  I’ll mostly be blogging about my favorite Jpop Idols (primarily those under Hello! Project), but there might occasionally be rants or something more personal.  I’ll also plug a lot for my online karaoke group, Mignon! Project (which I mentioned briefly above).  Tomorrow I’ll write on why I hate Takahashi Ai and Goto Maki so much (don’t shoot me, I have decent reasons).  🙂

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