All is Peachy with IU

6 05 2012

Korea’s little sister, IU, has just released a single for her upcoming album, titled “Peach.”  The full music video is not out yet (preview above), but the full audio has been released as a single!

I’ve had an off-and-on relationship with IU.  I definitely see why she’s captivated South Korea so fully.  She came onto my radar with “Marshmallow” because she performed it with BEAST’s Yoseob.  I was thoroughly unimpressed.  In fact, I hated the song.  It was obnoxious and I didn’t think she had much talent.  That was in 2009, and because she had not made an impression, I tuned her out of the next two years.  I got back into her music with Last Fantasy, which I thought was a lovely album.  Her vocals had gotten worlds better.  The lead track, “You + I” was charming, but it grew dull quickly.  As did the rest of her album.  I listened back a few singles and liked them all right, but nothing WOW’d me.

But after listening to “Peach”, IU has my full attention.

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